Social Stories on Using a Tissue

Instructor: Abigail Cook
Social stories can be a fun way to reinforce basic skills that your students need to practice. This lesson will give you an idea of what a social story about using a tissue might look like.

Social Stories

Children learn a variety of lessons by reading stories. Sometimes social skills like sharing, making a new friend, or solving problems are demonstrated by characters in children's books. Teachers can use the same idea to teach important classroom skills to their students.

Social stories are a fun way to teach simple skills to children. Basic skills like washing hands, lining up, or putting homework away in a backpack may be more fun to learn through a story.

Now, let's look at an example of a social story about using a tissue. Since most people learn this skill at a young age, this story is geared towards young elementary-age kids. However, some students with disabilities may need to continue practicing this skill as they get older. This story can be adapted to fit the individual learners in your class.

Social Story: Using a Tissue

Sometimes when I have a cold, I get a runny nose.

Having a runny nose can spread germs.

If I have a runny nose and don't wipe it with a tissue, I could get the other kids in my class sick.

When I have a runny nose, I need to remember to wipe it.

First I get a tissue, put it up to my nose, and blow.

Then I pinch my pointer finger and thumb together.

Then I wipe it by pulling the tissue away.

I can remember these steps by saying this in my head: Blow, pinch, wipe!

Next I take the dirty tissue straight to the garbage and throw it away.

Washing my hands with the hand sanitizer by the sink will help make sure I've gotten rid of the sick germs.

When I blow my nose with a tissue, I can keep germs from spreading.

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