Social Studies Games for 6th Grade

Instructor: Clio Stearns

Clio has taught education courses at the college level and has a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction.

Sixth graders are capable of in depth understandings when it comes to history, geography, economics and other aspects of social studies. This lesson provides you with some games to get your sixth graders thinking analytically.

Why Social Studies Games?

Learning social studies should never be boring. In sixth grade, students are developmentally capable of understanding what it means to think of times that happened long ago, and in many cases, they are ready to study ancient civilizations. Sixth graders also understand geography and are ready to think about faraway places and different cultures. To keep students engaged in social studies, it can be really useful to have some games to draw on. The games in this lesson are designed to motivate sixth graders while still engaging their conceptual understanding of fields in the social studies.

History Games

  • Ancient, Modern, Both

This game helps students think about what has and has not changed over time and thus helps them consider what things are inherent to human nature. Play this game in a gym, and label sides of the room as ancient and modern. One at a time, call out concepts or phenomena that belong to ancient, modern, or both. If you call out 'I-pads,' for instance, students should run to the 'modern' side of the room, and if you call out 'worship of multiple gods,' they will probably go toward ancient. 'Democracy,' though, would have students running to the middle of the room. You can modify this game by having students take turns calling out phenomena themselves.

  • Acting Out the Ancient

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