South America Map Activities & Games

Instructor: Tammy Galloway

Tammy teaches business courses at the post-secondary and secondary level and has a master's of business administration in finance.

South America can be referred to as one of the most beautiful places on earth, with its tropical rainforest and many cultures. Students will broaden their knowledge of South America by participating in the following map activities.

South America Activities and Games

South America is home to the largest tropical rainforest in the world and the famous Amazon River. It also has a rich heritage of culture, language, and art. Students will have fun learning more about South America with these map activities and games.

Spaghetti South America

Students will enhance their mapping skills in this activity with strings of spaghetti!


  • A package of spaghetti
  • Microwavable container and water
  • Several copies of a map of South America
  • Felt tip pens
  • Crayons
  • Construction paper
  • Several bottles of glue


  • Prior to this activity, microwave spaghetti until it is soft.
  • Start this activity by distributing a map of South America, construction paper, a felt pen, and two-long unbroken strings of spaghetti to each student; make the glue accessible.
  • Then explain these instructions:
    • Place construction paper vertical to the top of your desk.
    • Look at the map and mimic the outline of South America on your construction paper using the strings of spaghetti.
    • Then trace the outline with your pen.
    • Afterwards, glue the spaghetti to the construction paper following the trace.
    • Now use your map as a guide to outline the following countries on your construction paper:
      • Argentina
      • Bolivia
      • Brazil
      • Chile
      • Colombia
      • Ecuador
      • Guyana
      • Paraguay
      • Peru
      • Suriname
      • Uruguay
      • Venezuela
    • Label and color each country as desired.
  • When students are finished allow them to showcase their spaghetti maps.

Fun Facts Puzzle

South America has a rich history of culture, language, and arts. Students will use resources to explore fun facts about South America in this puzzle activity.


  • Large cutouts of each individual country in South America
  • Crayons
  • Computers with internet connectivity and/or smart device


  • Prior to the activity, clear a large space on the floor.
  • Start the activity by grouping students and distributing each group one large cutout of an individual country.
  • Ask them to use the computer or smart device and find at least three interesting facts about the country they have been given.
  • Write the facts on the back of the cut out and color the front as desired. Make sure the name of the country is on the front.
  • When finished ask each pair to stand and share their country and fun facts.
  • After sharing have students place the cutouts in the large space on the floor. Connect each piece together like a puzzle, making a map of South America.
  • Students can use this puzzle to practice their map skills.

What Do You Know About South America?

With this activity students will recall what they have learned about South America from your lessons and the activities above.


  • Index cards
  • Pen or pencil
  • Tape
  • Digital timers

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