South Korea Facts: Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Shelly Merrell

Shelly has a Master's of Education. Most recent professional experience is an educational diagnostician. Prior, she taught for 8 years.

Let's travel across the continent of Asia together to the Republic of Korea, or South Korea. We can study the weather, the people, the industry, the currency and the food. Let's get started!

Where in the World Is South Korea?

For thousands of years the entire Korean peninsula (piece of land surrounded by water on three sides) was one body of people that shared one culture. After World War II, the country divided into North Korea and South Korea. The division of land is known as the Military Demarcation Line and lies roughly halfway through the width of the peninsula.

South Korea is located on the 750-mile-long Korean Peninsula. Above South Korea is North Korea, which is bordered by the country of China on its northwest and a small part of Russia on its northeast. The Korea Strait and the Sea of Japan are the bodies of water that surround the remaining part of South Korea. The green areas on the map indicate the location of North and South Korea.

Korean Peninsula on the World Map
Korean Peninsula

South Korea is a mountainous, rocky region that receives a lot of wind. The wind brings in freezing temperatures and snow in the winter. The summer days are short and hot.

Where Is the Capital and What Does the Flag Look Like?

The heavily populated city of Seoul is currently the capital of South Korea.

Here is an image of the South Korean flag. The flag's design is representative of balance, virtues and unity among the people.

South Korean flag

What About the Economy?

The country was devastated after the fighting between North and South Korea during the Korean War in the 1950s. South Korea's economy collapsed, but the people didn't. Today, South Korea's economy is one of the world's industry leaders in electronics, shipbuilding, sneakers, and clothing. Korean currency is called the won. Like American money it is a collection of coins and bills.

South Korean Won

What Are the People Like?

South Korea is a democratic republic nation, meaning they elect their president their president like America does. It is home to about 48 million people. Some of the people are native to Korea; others are descendants of China and Siberia. The dominant language is Korean.

The main organized religions include the native religion Chondokyo as well as Christianity and Buddhism. Additionally, many South Koreans follow the philosophies of a Chinese philosopher, Confucius. He taught respect for authority, high regard for family, value of education and importance of doing one's best.

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