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  • 0:00 Definition of Adjectives
  • 0:40 Spanish Adjectives
  • 1:27 'N' Adjectives
  • 4:14 Example Sentences
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Maria Elena Knolle Cano

Maria Elena has taught Spanish and German to learners of all levels in Europe, Asia and Australia and has a Master's degree in Cultural Studies and Communication.

In this lesson, we will expand our vocabulary by getting to know Spanish adjectives that start with the letter 'n'. We will review what adjectives are, learn a variety of new adjectives, and see them in contextual examples.

Definition of Adjectives

You are apparently ready to learn something nuevo (new), aren't you? Well, here we go. You probably already know what adjectives are, but let's quickly review the definition anyway to create a stronger foundation of knowledge for what's ahead.

A ver (Let's see). In a short and sweet definition, adjectives are all those members of a class of words which modify and describe nouns and pronouns. If we look at the example medida necesaria (necessary measure), necesaria is the adjective describing the noun medida.

Spanish Adjectives

The difference between Spanish and English adjectives consists in the Spanish adjectives changing form in most cases, depending upon whether the word the adjective modifies is masculine or feminine.

Take a look at the example la casa nueva (the new house) and el coche nuevo (the new car). La casa is feminine, therefore the adjective adapts to the noun: la casa nueva. El coche is masculine, so the adjective adapts accordingly: el coche nuevo.

Adjectives furthermore change form depending upon whether the word they describe is singular or plural, such as in las casas nuevas (the new houses) and los coches nuevos (the new cars).

''N'' Adjectives

Do you know any Spanish adjectives starting with 'n'? In case you paid close attention, you might have come across one in the material we've learned so far: nuevo/nueva (new). Let's see if we can collect some more adjectives that start with 'n' by looking at the following sentences:

  • ¡Qué día más nublado! (What a cloudy day!)
  • Sí, es verdad, pero a veces es necesario y natural así. (Yes, that's true, but sometimes it's necessary and natural like that.)
  • Cómprate algo de color naranja. (Buy yourself something of orange color.)
  • Deja de ser nervioso y te sentirás menos necio. (Stop being nervous and you will feel less silly.)
  • Soy novato en esto de pensar en positivo. (I am new to positive thinking.)
  • Quizás soy un poco narcisista. (Maybe I am a little narcissistic.)
  • Me gusta el color negro. (I like the color black.)
  • Además soy nulo en deporte. (I am useless at sports.)

Which adjectives did you detect that start with 'n'? Here they are:

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