Spanish Animals: Farm & Zoo Vocabulary

Instructor: Maria Elena Knolle Cano

Maria Elena has taught Spanish and German to learners of all levels in Europe, Asia and Australia and has a Master's degree in Cultural Studies and Communication.

In this lesson, we will take a virtual trip to a brand new zoo and a farm to learn all about farm and zoo animal vocabulary in Spanish. We will get to know many new animal names and get to test our knowledge with some fun quiz questions.

A Day At The Zoo

Are you all packed? If not, ¡Date prisa! (Hurry up), it's time to join Rosa and Noelia for an exciting day trip to the newly opened Zoo and Wildlife Park El universo de los animales (The animal universe) in Barcelona. Rosa and Noelia are both avid animal lovers and can't wait to explore what the new Parque Zoológico (Zoo) has to offer.

After a short car ride, they arrive at their destination, where exotic birdsong, canto de pájaros, awaits them. Let's take a walk with Noelia and Rosa and discover together what El universo de los animales has to offer!

Two lions at the Zoo

Conversational Vocabulary

Rosa: ¡ Qué ilusión, ya veo a mis animales favoritos, los osos! (How exciting, I can already see my favorite animals, the bears!)

Noelia: ¡Sí, mira, son enormes! (Yes, take a look, they are huge!)

Rosa: Y mira, al lado hay un montón de otros animales: jirafas, cebras, panteras, ¡y hasta he visto un cocodrilo! (And look, next to them there are lots of other animals: giraffes, zebras, panthers, and I even saw a crocodile!)

Noelia: Que maravilla, ya veo que tendremos que pasar el día entero aquí, ya que aún quiero ver a los delfines,los leones y a los monos. (How wonderful, I have a feeling we might have to spend the whole day here, as I still want to see the dolphins, the lions, and the monkeys.)

monkey mother and her baby at Zoo
Monkey mother and baby

Noelia: Además me apetece conocer a los animales de la granja que han construido como parte del parque zoológico. (Besides, I really would love to meet the animals of the farm that was built as a part of the Zoo.)

Rosa: Claro, tenemos toda la tarde para ver a los animales de granja. (For sure, we have all afternoon to see the farm animals.) Por ahora, gozemos de los animales exóticos. (For now, let's enjoy the exotic animals.)

While Rosa and Noelia take in the sights of all their favorite animales, let's review the new animal related vocabulary we have learned:

Zoo animal vocabulary

  • el animal (pronounced: ayl ah-nee-MAHL) the animal
  • el parque zoológico (pronounced: ayl PAHR-kay thoh-LOH-hee-koh) the zoo
  • la granja (pronounced: lah GRAHN-hah) the farm
  • el oso (pronounced: ayl OH-soh) the bear
  • la jirafa (pronounced: lah hee-RAH-fah) the giraffe
  • la cebra (pronounced: lah THAY-brah) the zebra
  • el león (pronounced: ayl lay-OHN) the lion
  • la pantera (pronounced: lah pahn-TAY-rah) the panther
  • el cocodrilo (pronounced: ayl koh-koh-DREE-loh) the crocodile
  • el delfín (pronounced: ayl dayl-FEEN) the dolphin
  • el mono (pronounced: ayl MOH-noh) the monkey

Has your favorite animal been mentioned yet? If not, we might still encounter it while exploring the farm. Let's join Noelia and Rosa in discovering the animales de granja (farm animals).

Rosa: ¡Qué bellos, por allí pasean dos caballos negros, ¿ los ves? (How beautiful, there are two black horses strolling along over there, can you see them?)

Noelia: Sí, los veo.(Yes, I see them.) Están bastante cerca de las vacas y las ovejas, ¿ verdad? (They are quite close to the cows and the sheep, right?)

Rosa: Así es. También hay una variedad de otros animales: veo a patos, gallinas, ocas y pavos disfrutando del sol. (Exactly. There is also a variety of other animals: I can see ducks, chickens, geese and turkeys enjoying the sun.)

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