Spanish Bird Names

Instructor: Maria Elena Knolle Cano

Maria Elena has taught Spanish and German to learners of all levels in Europe, Asia and Australia and has a Master's degree in Cultural Studies and Communication.

This lesson expands your vocabulary by looking at bird names in Spanish. After you have finished reading through the lesson, try out your new skills by practicing your new vocabulary with the quiz questions.


There's a Spanish saying that goes: A cada pajarillo agrada su nidillo, which translates to 'Each bird loves their own nest.' Which bird are we talking about, though? With around 10,000 bird species in the world, you may want to learn some of the most important bird names in Spanish in order to have a proper chat about these fascinating animals with your Spanish-speaking friends. If you are a bird-lover and want to know how to talk about birds in Spanish, this is just the right lesson for you! Let's take a look at a conversation between Juan and Maria del Carmen to get started.

Conversational Vocabulary

Today is a very special day for Juan. Juan is the proud owner of El Mundo Fascinante de los Pájaros, a bird park and sanctuary that has recently opened in Spain's popular city Toledo. On this gorgeous day, he is expecting Maria del Carmen, a writer for the bird lover's magazine, Tu pájaro ideal, for an interview. Juan is very excited to share his passion for birds con la periodista and her readers. Let's take a look at their interview.

Maria del Carmen knocks at Juan's office door.

Maria del Carmen: Hola, soy Maria del Carmen, la periodista. ¿Listo para comenzar nuestra entrevista?

(Hello, I am Maria del Carmen, the journalist. Are you ready to start our interview?)

Juan: ¡Ah bienvenida! Soy Juan, el dueño de El Mundo Fascinante de los Pájaros y estoy a su disposición.

(Ah welcome! I am Juan, the owner of 'The Fascinating World of Birds' and I am at your disposal.)

Maria del Carmen: Perfecto. Digame Juan, cuantos pájaros viven en el parque, y que especies estan representadas?

(Perfect. Tell me Juan, how many birds live in this park, and which species do they belong to?)

Juan: ¡Con mucho gusto! En este momento, albergamos a cien pájaros, perteneciendo a distintas familias.

(With pleasure! We currently house one hundred birds, that belong to different families)

Juan is eager to show Maria del Carmen around the sanctuary and point out each bird as they walk along.


Common Spanish Bird Names

Let's take a look at the different families of birds Juan shows Maria del Carmen:

  • la abubilla (pronounced: lah ah-boo-bee-yah) the hoopoe
  • la agachadiza (pronounced: lah ahgah-chah-dee-thah) the snipe
  • el águila (pronounced: ayl ah-gee-lah) the eagle
  • el alcaudon(pronounced: ayl ahl-kow-dohn ) the butcher bird
  • el loro (pronounced: ayl loh-roh) the parrot
  • el pato (pronouced ayl pah-toh) the duck
  • el búho (pronounced: ayl boo-hoh) the owl
  • el gorrión (pronounced: ayl goh-rree-ohn) the sparrow
  • el cuervo (pronounced: ayl kway-rvoh) the crow
  • la gallina (pronounced: lah gah-yee-nah) the hen
  • el ganso (pronounced: ayl gahn-soh): the goose
  • la avestruz (pronounced: lah ahvay-strooth) the ostrich
  • el pavo (pronounced: ayl pah-voh) the turkey
  • el halcón (pronounced: ayl hahl-kohn) the falcon
  • el gallo (pronounced:ayl gah-yoh) the rooster
  • el polluelo (pronounced: ayl poh-yway-loh) the chick
  • el cisne(pronounced: ayl thee-snay) the swan
  • el pinzón(pronounced: ayl feen-chohn) the finch

An eagle is a very majestic birds

Maria is loving her time a the bird park!

Maria: ¡Ya veo que hay mucha variedad! ¿Tiene algún pájaro favorito?

( I can see that there is a lot of variety! Do you have a favorite bird?)

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