Spanish Music Vocabulary

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Instructor: Maria Elena Knolle Cano

Maria Elena has taught Spanish and German to learners of all levels in Europe, Asia and Australia and has a Master's degree in Cultural Studies and Communication.

Music connects people from all over the world and is a popular topic of conversation. Learn how to discuss music in Spanish by learning new music vocabulary, phrases, verbs, and nouns, and take a look at a practice conversation. Updated: 01/04/2022

Music Related Phrases

Ah, la música. . . isn't listening to or making music one of the greatest ways to spend your time? The magic of music allows us to dream, relax, get inspired, heal, connect, and so much more. Music is also a great conversational topic because it constitutes a shared passion for many people worldwide. So how would you talk about your love for music in Spanish? Let's take a look at some music-related phrases and then see how they can be applied when out and about. We'll cover the phrase in English, then we'll translate it into Spanish.

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  • 1:40 A Practice Conversation
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English Spanish
Do you like the music they play here? ¿Te gusta la música que tocan aquí?
I love tango Adoro el tango
I have learned to dance. . . He aprendido a bailar. . .
Let's talk a bit about music Hablemos un poco de música
Who is your favorite singer? ¿Quien es tu cantante favorito?
My favorite group is. . . Mi grupo favorito es. . .
Are you going to go to the concert? ¿Vas a ir al concierto?
What type of music do you prefer? ¿Qué tipo de música prefieres?
I love Latin music Me encanta la música Latina
Have you heard. . . latest song? ¿Has escuchado la última canción de. . .?

A Practice Conversation

Let's see how the two music lovers, Enrique and Julia, do in their favorite tango bar in Buenos Aires, where they enjoy their drinks while catching a break from the breathtaking performances. Don't worry if you don't understand all of the Spanish just yet. Instead, try to focus on how each phrase can be used within a conversation.

Enrique: ¿Te gusta la música que tocan aquí? (Do you like the music they play here?)

Julia: Si claro, ¡adoro el tango! He aprendido a bailar salsa y flamenco, pero el tango me falta. (Yes of course, I love tango! I've learned to dance salsa and flamenco, but tango is still missing.)

Enrique: Bueno, Buenos Aires es perfecto para ello. Hablemos un poco de música en general: ¿Quien es tu cantante favorito? (Well, Buenos Aires is perfect for that. Let's talk a bit about music in general: Who's your favorite singer?)

Julia: Uff, me gustan muchos cantantes. Diría que mis cantantes favoritos son Gilberto Gil y Alejandro Sanz. También me gusta Celia Cruz, la Reina del Salsa. Mi grupo favorito es Estopa. (Well, I like many singers. I would say that my favorite singers are Gilberto Gil and Alejandro Sanz. I also like Celia Cruz, the Queen of Salsa. My favorite group is Estopa.)

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