Spanish Nature & Environment Vocabulary

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  • 0:03 ''La Naturaleza''
  • 2:27 ''El Medio Ambiente''
  • 3:18 A Family Trip
  • 5:30 Lesson Summary
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Raychelle Heath

Raychelle has a BA in Spanish and an MFA in Writing. She has studied in Puerto Rico and currently lives in Mexico. She has taught Spanish in various settings.

Do you love la naturaleza? This Spanish lesson will teach you words for nature and the environment. You'll learn new vocabulary and find examples of how to use these new words.

La Naturaleza

The Gomez family is planning a trip. They all love nature and want to spend their trip in a beautiful, outdoorsy place. The word for 'nature' in Spanish is la naturaleza (lah nah-too-rah-lay-sah). In this lesson, we'll cover some of the words used to talk about nature and el medio ambiente (el may-dee-oh ahm-bee-ehn-tay), or the environment. We'll also check in with the Gomez family as they try to decide where they will take their trip.

There are so many beautiful natural spaces in the world. We could go to las montañas, la playa, el bosque, la selva, or el desierto. We'll talk about each of these environments in turn and go over some words that are associated with each of the regions.

Las Montañas

Vamos a las montañas (lahs mohn-tahn-yahs). Aquí veo… (which translates to 'Let's go to the mountains. Here I see…')

  • la montaña: the mountain (lah mohn-tahn-yah)
  • la nieve: the snow (lah nee-ay-bay)
  • la cueva: the cave (lah kway-bah)
  • la vista: the sight or view (lah bees-tah)

Let's leave the mountains now and head to the beach…

La Playa

Vamos a la playa (lah plah-yah). Aquí veo… (which means 'Let's go to the beach. Here I see…')

  • el mar: the ocean (el mahr)
  • la arena: the sand (lah ah-ray-nah)
  • las palmas: the palm trees (las pahl-mahs)
  • el cangrejo: the crab (el kahn-gray-hoh)

Next on our itinerary is the rainforest…

La Selva

Vamos a la selva (lah sehl-bah). Aquí veo… (which means 'Let's go to the rainforest. Here I see…')

  • las plantas: the plants (lahs plahn-tahs)
  • la cascada: the waterfall (lah kahs-kah-dah)
  • el río: the river (el ree-oh)
  • los pájaros: the birds (lohs pah-hah-rohs)

We might go to the forest as well…

El Bosque

Vamos al bosque (ahl bohs-kay). Aquí veo… (which translates as 'Let's go to the forest. Here I see…')

  • los árboles: the trees (lohs ahr-boh-lays)
  • el lago: the lake (el lah-goh)
  • el venado: the deer (el bay-nah-doh)
  • el conejo: the rabbit (el koh-nay-hoh)

And last but not least, we can do a drive through the desert…

El Desierto

Vamos al desierto (ahl dehs-ee-ehr-toh). Aquí veo… (which means 'Let's go to the desert. Here I see…')

  • las dunas: the dunes (lahs doo-nahs)
  • el cactus: the cactus (el kahk-toos)
  • el sol: the sun (el sohl)
  • el camello: the camel (el kah-may-yoh)

El Medio Ambiente

When we're out in la naturaleza, it's important that we think about el medio ambiente. Here are some things we can do to proteger ( or protect) el medio ambiente while we are enjoying la naturaleza.

Some phrases that correspond to how we can be responsible in the outdoors include:

  • Tirar basura en su lugar: Throw trash away in the appropriate place.
  • Dejar a los animales en paz: Leave the animals alone.
  • Caminar solamente en los senderos: Walk only on the trails.
  • Hacer de voluntario para una limpieza: Volunteer for a clean-up.
  • Ayudar con un proyecto ecológico: Help with an ecological project.
  • Ser responsable: Be responsible.

A Family Trip

Remember the Gomez family? They're still planning their trip. Let's listen in as they try to decide where to go.

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