Spanish Practice Activities: Making Plans for After High School

Spanish Practice Activities: Making Plans for After High School
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  • 0:03 Verbs in the Future
  • 2:00 Conversations About the Future
  • 7:25 Lesson Summary
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Chris Travis
In this lesson, which focuses on the future tense, we listen to high school students discussing their future plans. We will use regular and irregular verbs while also learning valuable vocabulary.

Regular & Irregular Verbs in the Future

This lesson is designed to apply to future tense, rather than teach it from scratch, so if you need a more thorough review, check out our lessons covering the future tense. As a quick review, consider the regular verb comer: yo comeré, tú comerás, él comerá, nosotros comeremos, vosotros comeréis, ellos comerán, and consider the irregular verb salir: yo saldré, tú saldrás, él saldrá, nosotros saldremos, vosotros saldréis, ellos saldrán.

Listen to some more regular verbs, repeat them after I say them, and think about what they mean. Try to come up with the answer before it's provided:

  • Yo hablaré - I will speak
  • Juan y María estudiarán - Juan and María will study
  • Nosotros leeremos - We will read
  • Él se graduará - He will graduate

Although graduarse is a reflexive verb and requires the use of the reflexive pronoun 'se' in the third-person singular, we still consider it a regular verb. What about some irregulars?

  • Yo tendré - I will have
  • Nosotros saldremos - We will leave
  • Yo podré - I will be able to
  • Tú harás - You will do (or make)
  • Ustedes dirán - You (plural) will say

Conversations about the Future

Let's listen in on a group of students as they discuss their future. We will listen twice. The first time, just try to understand as much as possible. The second time, you can follow along with the script and identify the use of future tense verbs. You will then be challenged to recall certain details from the dialogue. Before we start, let's review some key vocabulary:

  • escuela secundaria - high school
  • ansioso/a - anxious
  • beca - scholarship/grant
  • mudarse - to move residence
  • gastos - expenses
  • matrícula - tuition
  • cuentas - bills
  • ayuda financiera - financial aid

Okay, here we go:

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