Spanish Practice Activity: Reading and Listening to Family Terms

Spanish Practice Activity: Reading and Listening to Family Terms
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  • 0:07 Family Reunion Email
  • 1:09 Reading Quiz
  • 2:29 Listening
  • 3:55 Listening Quiz
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Ashley Garcias-Casas
If you have a big family, organizing family reunions can be a lot of work! In this lesson, you will get the opportunity to read and listen to conversations about family reunions.

Reading: Family Reunion Email

Imagine you have a big family, and the annual family reunion is right around the corner! There is a lot that needs to be coordinated: Who is picking up grandma? Are the cousins bringing their wives/husbands? Are the in-laws invited?

Now read the email sent by your cousin, Alicia, asking the family some general questions about the reunion.

Querida familia Rodríguez,

Como ya saben ustedes, tenemos la reunión familiar en dos semanas. Yo tengo muchas preguntas para ustedes. Primero, sé que viene la abuela Susana, pero ?vienen los bisabuelos de California? Segundo, no tengo noticias de los primos Antonio y Javier. ?Saben si vienen ellos? ? Vienen sus mujeres y sus hijos también? Otra pregunta, ?es una reunión grande? Es decir, ?invitamos a los suegros, cuñados, yernos y nueras?

La reunión va a ser muy divertida Si no lo saben, los nietos van a preparar algo especial para la abuela Susana, ¡pero es un secreto! Mi padre y mi madre van la semana que viene a recoger al tío Pepe y la tía Gladys del aeropuerto. ¡Espero verlos a todos en la reunión familiar!

Un abrazo,


Reading Quiz

First, go back and re-read the email. Now look at the screen and decide which of the following family members is NOT mentioned in the reading. Did you find the family member that wasn't mentioned? Let's go through and replace the words with their Spanish equivalent. Alicia talked about her tío, abuela, padre, nietos, madre, bisabuelos, primos, but she did not mention 'sobrina,' her niece.

Now, try answering the following questions based on the email. Feel free to pause the video to give you time to answer the three questions.

?Quién está preparando una sorpresa para la abuela Susana?

a. los primos b. los nietos c. los tíos d. los bisabuelos

?A quiénes van a recoger los padres de Alicia?

a. los tíos b. los sobrinos c. los padres d. los hijos.

?Quiénes son Anontio y Javier?

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