Spanish Practice Activity: Using Common -ER and -IR Verbs

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  • 0:07 Introduction
  • 0:29 Carlos
  • 1:23 Maria
  • 2:15 Manuel
  • 4:09 Senora Ramos
  • 5:42 Lesson Summary
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Lisa Warren
In this video, students will hear speakers describe what they do during the week. The grammatical emphasis will be on regular -er and -ir verbs in context. After each speaker is finished, translations will be provided.



In this video, you will hear several people tell you about what they and their friends and family do during the week. Listen carefully to the verbs being used and see if you can follow what they say. After each speaker tells you his story, a translation will be given, and you can see how much you understood.


¡Hola! Me llamo Carlos. Por la mañana, bebo café, y como pan tostado. También leo el periódico 'El Mundo.' A veces, mi mujer come el desayuno conmigo. ¡Compartimos conversación y café!

Did you understand Carlos? Let's hear that in English.

'Hello! My name is Carlos. In the morning, I drink coffee and I eat toast. Also, I read the newspaper 'El Mundo.' Sometimes, my wife eats breakfast with me. We share conversation and coffee!'

If you did not catch all of that the first time, go back and listen to the Spanish story one more time. If you're ready for another story, let's hear from María.


¡Buenos días! Me llamo María. Estoy en el parque con mis amigos. Los lunes y los jueves nosotros corremos por el parque. Yo no corro muy rápido, pero me gusta mucho correr. Después de correr, bebemos agua o comemos fruta.

Were you able to understand María? Here it is in English.

'Good morning! My name is María. I am in the park with my friends. On Mondays and Thursdays we run in the park. I don't run very fast, but I really like to run. After running, we drink water or eat fruit.'

If you missed any of that, go back and listen again! If you're ready to hear another speaker, let's turn to Manuel.


Bueno, aquí estoy en la escuela. Mis clases son muy difíciles. Aprendo ciencias, matemáticas, geografía e historia. En la clase de historia, leemos mucho. Nosotros aprendemos la historia de México. En la clase de matemáticas, escribimos mucho. No comprendo bien las matemáticas. ¡Ugh! Me gusta aprender las ciencias. En la clase de ciencias, no escribimos mucho, pero yo leo mucho porque me gusta estudiar. Mis amigos no abren los libros de ciencias porque a ellos no les gusta la clase. A mi amigo, Pepe, le gusta mucho la clase de geografía. Él lee y aprende mucho.

Manuel sure had a lot to say about school! Did you understand him? Let's hear the translation.

'Well, here I am at school. My classes are really difficult. I learn science, math, geography and history. In history class, we read a lot. We are learning the history of Mexico. In math class, we write a lot. I do not understand math well. Ugh! I like to learn science. In science class, we don't write a lot, but I read a lot because I like to study. My friends don't open their science books because they don't like the class. My friend, Pepe, really likes geography class. He reads and learns a lot.'

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