Spanish Reading Practice: Holidays

Instructor: Maria Elena Knolle Cano

Maria Elena has taught Spanish and German to learners of all levels in Europe, Asia and Australia and has a Master's degree in Cultural Studies and Communication.

In this lesson, we are going to practice our reading skills and expand our vocabulary in the process. Our focus will be on holiday activities in Spanish. Comencemos la lectura! (Let's start the reading practice!)


Remember when you used to be little and were full of anticipation whenever it was holiday time with your family? Let's reconnect to those happy feelings and check out what familia (family) Sánchez is up to on their first day of vacasiones (holidays) in Cancún, México.

Have a read, and test your understanding by answering the questions after each Spanish section.

Reading Practice

Activity 1: Por la mañana

Señora Sánchez, Señor Sánchez y sus hijos Julieta, de nueve años, y Antonio, de doce años, están tomando el desayuno en el hotel 'Miraflores'.

La familia debate lo que quiere hacer durante sus vacasiones mientras disfruta maravillosas vistas al mar desde su balcón. Pedro, el padre, quiere ir a la playa todos los días. Gracia, la madre, prefiere visitar las ruinas mayas y los museos. Julieta quiere montar a caballo y Antonio tiene ganas de hacer snorkelling y tomar helado.

disfrutando de la playa
beach and ocean

  1. What are the names of the Sánchez children?
  2. How old is the son?
  3. What's the father's favorite activity for the holidays?
  4. What's the mother's favorite activity for the holidays?
  5. Who wants to eat ice-cream?

Please scroll down to the bottom of the article to read the answers.

Activity 2: Por la tarde

La familia está disfrutando de su primer día de playa en México. Mientras los padres toman el sol, Julieta está nadando. Antonio juega con su pelota a la orilla del mar. Pedro y Gracia han traído todo lo necesario para disfrutar del día: gafas de sol, trajes de baño para cambiar,crema solar, cinco toallas y un respirador para hacer snorkelling y hasta una tabla de surf para hacer surfing.

nadar en el mar es un buen plan
swimming is fun for everyone

  1. What are the parents doing on their first afternoon in Mexico?
  2. How is Antonio spending his time?
  3. What sporting equipment did the family bring to the beach?
  4. Did they bring any sun glasses?
  5. How many towels did they bring?

tomar el sol en la playa es maravilloso
sunbathing at the ocean

Activity 3: Por la noche

La familia Sánchez celebra su primer noche en Cancún cenando en un restaurante muy bueno llamado ' La costa azúl'. Se lo recomendó la recepcionista del hotel 'Miraflores'. La familia quiere sacar provecho de los doce días que le quedan con varias actividades. Van a visitar un parque de atracciones, quieren conocer los pueblos del alrededor y quieren ir de excursión a muchos sitios más.

  1. How did the family find out about the restaurant they are having dinner at?
  2. What's the restaurant's name?
  3. How many days does the family have left until the holidays are over?
  4. What type of excursions are they planning on doing?
  5. What's the name of the hotel the Sánchez family is staying at?

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