Spanish Sports Vocabulary

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Danielle Geary

Danielle teaches at the Georgia Institute of Technology. She holds a Doctor of Education with research concentration in Study Abroad and Foreign Language Acquisition.

Take me out to the ball game! Learn how to talk about some of your favorite sports in this vocabulary lesson that includes the words for baseball, basketball, boxing and more.


Take me out to the ball game! Today we're going to talk about popular sports - like baseball, basketball and boxing - all in Spanish.

Here's our lista:

  • el fútbol
  • el fútbol americano
  • el béisbol
  • el tenis
  • el voleibol
  • el básquetbol/baloncesto
  • el boxeo
  • los bolos
  • el patinaje
  • la pesca
  • el ciclismo
  • el buceo
  • la natación
  • la lucha libre
  • el atletismo

Bien. Let's search for the cognates. I see fútbol americano, béisbol, tenis, básquetbol, voleibol, and boxeo. And ciclismo is almost a cognate - if you think about it, you can see 'cycling' in there!

And there's one false cognate. It looks like a cognate and sounds like a cognate, but it isn't a cognate: fútbol. Fútbol means 'soccer' in Spanish, not 'football', as in American football.

Las Definiciones

Vamos! On to our definiciones!

El fútbol (el FOO-t-bohl) means 'soccer.'

El fútbol americano (el FOO-t-bohl ah-meh-ree-CAH-no) means 'football.'

El béisbol (el BEH-eehs-bohl) means 'baseball.'

El tenis (el TEN-eehs) means 'tennis.' Note that there's only one N in tenis. Why? Remember this hint to help you with your spelling: In Spanish, it's extremely unusual for two of the same consonant to be side by side in a word. Spanish is very phonetic, so there's no need for two letters that make the same sound, when one will do.

El voleibol (el voh-leh-ee-BOHL) means 'volleyball.'

El básquetbol/baloncesto (el BAH-sket-bohl/bah-lohn-SEH-sto) means 'basketball.' Note that both básquetbol and baloncesto are common ways to say basketball in Spanish.

El boxeo (el bohk-SEH-oh) means 'boxing.'

Los bolos (los BOH-lohs) means 'bowling.'

El patinaje (el pah-tee-NAH-heh) means 'skating.'

La pesca (la PEHS-kah) means 'fishing.'

El ciclismo (el cee-CLEE-smo) means 'cycling.'

El buceo (el boo-SEH-oh) means 'scuba diving.'

La natación (la nah-tah-cee-OHN) means 'swimming.'

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