Spanish Transition Words

Instructor: Yolanda Reinoso Barzallo

Yolanda holds a CELTA Cambridge, a Juris Doctorate, and a Master of Public Administration. She is a published author of fiction in Spanish.

This lesson provides multiple lists of Spanish transition words that you can use to write and speak with ease. You'll also get to see some examples of how these transition words can be used in the context of a sentence.

Different Types of Transition Words

As you learn to speak and write more Spanish, you're going to want to be able to better connect different parts of a sentence. In other words, you're going to need the right transition. You can use transition words to refer to:

  • time and/or place
  • an additional idea
  • a comparison or a contrast between two ideas
  • an example
  • a consequence or final idea.

For each case, you'll find a list with the most common and useful transitions and an ending example. In some cases, the list includes a first and second alternative that cover common synonyms for some transitions. Using these alternatives can add flavor to your language and keep your writing from seeming repetitive.

Let's begin:

Transition Words that Refer to Time and/or Place

al principio (at the beginning, pronounced: al preen-see-pee-oh)

en primer lugar (in the first place, pronounced: ehn pree-mer loo-gar)

para comenzar (to begin, pronounced: pah-rah koh-men-sar)

antes (before, pronounced: ahn-tehs)

después (after, pronounced: dehs-poo-ehs)

a continuación (next, pronounced: ah kohn-tee-noo-ah-see-on)

mientras tanto (in the meantime, pronounced: myen-trahs tahn-toh)

al final (at the end, pronounced: al fee-nahl)

Example: Mientras tanto, debo practicar español. (In the meantime, I must practice Spanish)

Transition Words that Refer to an Additional Idea

además (in addition, pronounced: ah-deh-mas)

más aún (moreover, pronounced: mas ah-oon)

aparte (besides, pronounced: ah par-teh)

asimismo (likewise, pronounced: ah-see-mees-moh)

también (also, pronounced: tam-bee-ehn)

de igual manera (in the same way, pronounced: deh ee-goo-al mah-neh-rah)

Example: También, debo repasar el vocabulario. (Also, I must review the vocabulary)

Transition Words that Refer to a Comparison or a Contrast Between Two Ideas

pero (but, pronounced: peh-roh)

sin embargo (however -first alternative-, pronounced: sin ehm-bar-goh)

no obstante (however -second alternative-, pronounced: noh obs-taan-teh)

por otro lado (on the other hand -first alternative-, pronounced: pohr otroh lah-do)

por otra parte (on the other hand -second alternative-, pronounced: pohr otrah par-teh)

aunque (although, pronounced: ah-oon-keh)

a pesar de (in spite of, pronounced: ah peh-sar deh)

Example: Sin embargo, aprendo mucho. (However, I learn a lot)

Transition Words that Refer to an Example

por ejemplo (for example, pronounced: por eh-hem-ploh)

para ilustrar (to illustrate, pronounced: pah-rah ee-loos-trar)

tales como (such as, pronounced: tah-lehs koh-moh)

Example: Por ejemplo, escucho canciones y veo televisión en español. (For example, I listen to songs and watch TV in Spanish)

Transition Words that Refer to a Consequence or Final Idea

porque (because, pronounced: pohr-keh)

debido a esto (due to this, pronounced: deh-bee-doh ah ehs-toh)

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