Spanish Verb IR: Present Tense Conjugations

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Danielle Geary

Danielle teaches at the Georgia Institute of Technology. She holds a Doctor of Education with research concentration in Study Abroad and Foreign Language Acquisition.

Go! How often do we use the word 'go' in English? A lot! Spanish is the same way. Learn how to talk about where you're going in this lesson on the Spanish verb 'ir'.


¡Vamos! If you've been watching the videos, you know that I say vamos a lot. It's just so user friendly! In language, there's a core group of words that are commonly used and other words that are hardly ever used - and then thousands in between. We use the verb 'to go' all the time, and today we get to learn it in Spanish. ¡Vamos!

The Verb Ir

Ir means 'to go' and, like English, is used multiple times a day by Spanish speakers across the globe. There's good news and bad news about ir. The bad news is that ir is completely irregular. I'm sad to say that it will not follow basic conjugation rules and must be memorized. The good news, though, is that the conjugations are easy and fun to say, so memorizing them is not so horrible.

¡Vamos! Let's do it!

The 5 conjugations of ir are voy, vas, va, vamos and van.

Note that the singular conjugations are on the left and the plural are on the right. Remember, I suggest to always do this:

voy I go/I'm going vamos we go/are going
vas you (familiar) go/are going
va he, she, it goes/is going
you (formal) go/are going
van they/you guys go/are going

Voy sounds exactly like the word 'boy' in English. Vas, va, vamos and van all carry the B sound, just the same. Let's say them several times for practice.

voy vamos
va van

See? This verb kind of grows on you the more you say it!

Ir in Action

Okay, let's use ir in a story to see how it works in action.

Yo soy Lola, la madre de la familia. Yo voy al supermercado y tú vas conmigo. ?Y Elena? Ella va también. ¡Ahh! Y ustedes dos. ¡Sí! Ustedes van también. ¡Por fin! ¡Vamos al supermercado!

Did you follow the story? Let's look at it again with the English translations.

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