Spanish Verbs for Activities and Hobbies

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Ashley Garcias-Casas
What are your hobbies? Do you like to play sports? Do you like to read? In this lesson, we will learn the vocabulary for some common activities and hobbies in Spanish.

Hobbies and Activities - Jugar, Tocar

Watching TV, playing baseball, reading, walking, swimming, playing the piano... In this lesson, we are going to learn the vocabulary for hobbies and activities. Sometimes the vocabulary will consist of a verb and a noun. For example, the verb 'to play,' jugar and al fútbol, 'soccer.' So the phrase jugar al fútbol (hoo-GAHR ahl FOOHT-bohl) means 'to play soccer.'

Other activities using the verb jugar are:

  • jugar al béisbol (hoo-GAHR ahl BEH-ees-bohl) - to play baseball
  • jugar al baloncesto (hoo-GAHR ahl bah-lohn-SEH-stoh) - to play basketball

In Spanish, there are two different verbs used to express 'to play.' While jugar is used mainly for sports, we use the verb tocar with instruments. For example:

  • tocar el piano (toh-KAHR ehl pee-AH-noh) - to play the piano
  • tocar la guitarra (toh-KAHR ehl ghee-TAH-rah) - to play the guitar

Hobbies and Activities Using Other Verbs

Other hobbies that include both a verb and a noun are:

  • ver televisión (VEHR teh-leh-vee-see-OHN) - to watch television
  • escuchar música (eh-skoo-CHAHR MOO-see-kah) - to listen to music

Oftentimes, to express our hobbies, we only use a verb. As is the case with:

  • leer (leh-EHR) - to read
  • viajar (vee-ah-HAR) - to travel
  • nadar (nah-DAHR) - to swim
  • caminar (cah-mee-NAR) - to walk
  • comer (coh-MEHR) - to eat
  • estudiar (eh-stoo-dee-AHR) - to study
  • trabajar (trah-bah-HAR) - to work.

Clubs and Activities Sign-up

Let's take another look at this new vocabulary as we watch Fátima. It's her freshman year in college. She wants to make friends quickly and has decided to sign up for a few clubs and activities. Let's watch as she looks at all of her options.

'Qué te gusta hacer? What do you like to do? Hmmm, what do I like to do? Well, let me look at my options…

Deportes. Let's see what kind of sports clubs they have… Jugar al fútbol, jugar al béisbol, jugar al baloncesto, nadar, caminar. Me gusta caminar. I like to walk, so I'll sign up for that one.

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