Spanish Vocabulary: Basic Family Member Terms

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  • 3:12 Additional Family Vocabulary
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Ashley Garcias-Casas
Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents - these are just some of the people that make up a family. In this lesson, we will learn the vocabulary for family members in Spanish.

Basic Family Member Vocabulary

At one point or another, you have probably made a family tree. It may have been a smaller tree with just the immediate family or a large tree with branches extending out to cousins, sisters-in-law, great grandparents, etc. Let's take a look at Juanito's family tree.

Juanito: Mamá, I need your help with a school project! I have to make a family tree.

Mom: Okay, hijo. Te ayudo. Juanito. Luego hay papá y yo, mamá (papá = dad; mamá = mom). You can also say padre (father) and madre (mother).

Mom: ?Tienes hermanos?

Juanito: ¡Sí! Mi hermana, Rebeca y mi hermano, Roberto (hermana = sister and hermano = brother).

Mom: ?Quién más hay en nuestra familia?

Juanito: ¡Los abuelos! La abuela, Patricia y el abuelo, Pepe (abuelos = grandparents; abuela = grandmother or grandma; abuelo = grandfather or grandpa).

Mom: Y Juanito, ?Tienes primos?

Juanito: ?Primos? !Sí! Sofía, Elena y Mila son mis primas y mi primo es Rodrigo (prima and primo = cousin).

Mom: ?Quiénes son los padres de los primos?

Juanito: El tío, Javier, y la tía, Gloria (tío = uncle; tía = aunt).

Mom: ?Y quiénes son los padres de los abuelos?

Juanito: Mis bisabuelos (bisabuelos = great grandparents; bisabuelo = great grandfather; bisabuela = great grandmother).

Mom: ¡Muy bien! Look at your family tree!

Juanito: Está es mi hermano, Roberto, y mi hermana, Rebeca.

Mi mamá y papá.

Mi abuelo, Pepe, y mi abuela, Patricia.

Mi tío, Javier, y mi tía, Gloria.

Mis primas, Sofía, Elena y Mila, y mi primo, Rodrigo.

Mom: Juanito, did you know that you are also a very special part of this family? Eres hermano, hijo, nieto, sobrino y primo?

Juanito: ?Cómo?

Mom: Sí, hijo.

Eres hermano (brother) de Roberto y Rebeca.

Eres mi hijo (son). Rebeca es mi hija (daughter).

Eres el nieto (grandson) de los abuelos, y tu hermana es la nieta_ (granddaughter).

Eres el sobrino (nephew) de los tíos, y tu hermana es sobrina (niece).

Y el primo (cousin) de Sofía, Elena, Mila y Rodrigo.

Juanito: ¡Muchas gracias mamá!

Mom: De nada, hijo.

Additional Family Vocabulary

After helping Juanito with his family tree, his mom Lola realizes that she has an even bigger family tree if she takes into consideration her in-laws and their blended families! Let's take a look!

Tengo a mi esposo, Marcos. Yo soy su mujer (esposo = husband and mujer or esposa = wife).

La madre de mi esposo es mi suegra (suegra = mother-in-law). Y el padre de mi esposo es mi suegro (suegro = father-in-law).

Yo soy su nuera (nuera = daughter-in-law).

Marcos tiene un hermano, Fernando, y una hermana, Eva. Fernando es mi cuñado (cuñado = brother-in-law). Eva es mi cuñada (cuñada = sister-in-law). Mi cuñado Fernando no tiene mujer.

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