Spanish Vocabulary: Basic Terms for Chores & Errands

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  • 0:03 Vocabulary: Household Chores
  • 1:26 Cinderella's Chores
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Ashley Garcias-Casas
Dusting the furniture, taking out the trash, making the bed - these are just some of the many dreaded household chores. In this lesson, we will look at some of the basic vocabulary terms to describe chores and errands in Spanish.

Vocabulary: Household Chores

Everybody knows the story of Cinderella, cooking and cleaning all day while her stepmother and stepsisters just sat back and relaxed. She spent her days washing the dishes, making the beds, and taking out the trash, among other chores. In this lesson, we will take a glimpse into Cinderella's life as we learn the basic vocabulary terms for household chores and errands in Spanish.

Ella es Cenicienta. You may know her as Cinderella. Before leaving for the ball, her stepmother and stepsisters left her a list of all the chores that needed to be completed. Let's take a look at that long list.

Cenicienta, tú necesitas…

lavar los platos sucios (wash the dirty dishes)

limpiar la cocina (clean the kitchen)

sacar la basura (take out the trash)

lavar la ropa (do the laundry)

arreglar los dormitorios (tidy up the bedrooms)

hacer la cama (make the bed)

pasar la aspiradora (vacuum)

quitar el polvo (dust)

cortar el césped (mow the lawn)

ir de compras (go shopping)

cocinar la cena (cook dinner)

poner la mesa (set the table)

quitar la mesa (clear the table)

-Tu madrastra y tus hermanastras (-Your stepmother and stepsisters)

Cinderella's Chores

After seeing the list of chores that awaits her, Cinderella gets to work.

¡Yo limpio toda la casa! ¡Mi madrastra y mis hermanastras no hacen nada! (I clean the whole house! My stepmother and stepsisters do nothing!)

Yo lavo los platos sucios. (I wash the dirty dishes.)

Yo saco la basura. (I take out the trash.)

Yo paso la aspiradora. (I vacuum.)

Yo quito el polvo de los muebles. (I dust off the furniture.)

¡Yo limpio todo! (I clean everything!)

?Y mi madrastra? ¡Mi madrastra no limpia nada! (And my stepmother? My stepmother does nothing!)

No lava la ropa. (She doesn't do laundry.)

No hace la cama ni arregla los dormitorios. (She doesn't make the bed or tidy the bedrooms.)

?Y mis hermanastras? (And my stepsisters?)

Mis hermanastras no cortan el césped. (My stepsisters don't mow the lawn.)

Ellas no van de compras ni cocinan. (They do not go shopping or cook.)

Ellas nunca ponen la mesa ni quitan la mesa. (They never set the table or clear the table.)

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