Spanish Vocabulary for Household Items

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Lesson Transcript
Danielle Geary

Danielle teaches at the Georgia Institute of Technology. She holds a Doctor of Education with research concentration in Study Abroad and Foreign Language Acquisition.

Expert Contributor
Linsey Betts

Linsey is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in English Literature at Claremont Graduate University and has taught students of all ages in English and the humanities for 10 years.

'Hogar, dulce hogar.' This Spanish lesson will teach you how to talk about your 'home, sweet home,' show you some new vocabulary, and discuss how cognates and letter/word association can help you remember new words!

Spanish Vocabulary for Household Items

Our house: it's where we grow up, raise a family, laugh, cry, and everything in between. It's where we make memories! Vamos! Let's learn how to talk about our casa, or our 'hogar, dulce hogar,' which is our expression for today! You'll see what it means towards the end of the lesson.

This is our casa from the outside. Now, let's go in and find out how to describe it in español.

Let's see... this house has cinco rooms. From here, we can see la sala, la oficina, la cocina, el dormitorio, and el baño.

Let's start with la sala. What's in this room? Hmmm… Yo veo (I see):

el sofá (sofa)

las cortinas (curtains)

la mesita (small table)

la lámpara (lamp)

La sala, or living room
La Sala

Now let's go to la cocinaYo veo:

la estufa (stove)

el horno (oven)

el refrigerador (refrigerator)

el congelador (freezer)

La cocina, or kitchen
La Cocina

How about in la oficina? Yo veo:

el estante (shelf)

el escritorio (desk)

la silla (chair)

la pared (wall)

La oficina, or office
La Oficina

Y qué hay en el dormitorio? Yo veo:

el despertador (alarm clock)

la cama (bed)

el espejo (mirror)

el cuadro (painting)

El dormitorio, or bedroom
El Dormitorio

Y qué hay en el baño? Yo veo:

el lavabo (sink)

el retrete (toilet)

la ducha (shower)

El bano, or bathroom
El Baño

Cognates and Tips for Memorization

Wow! Lots of words today! Let's take a closer look at how we might be able to remember them. There are several cognates in this lesson, which is fantástico! What's a cognate? It's a word that looks, and often sounds, similar in two or more languages. Yay for cognates! Clearly sofá is a cognate. Lámpara is a cognate. Refrigerador is also a cognate!

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Additional Activities

Practice And Remember

When learning a new language, some of the most important steps to increasing fluency are practice and repetition. Try testing your memory from this lesson with the following exercises.

Fill In the Blank

1. En la sala, yo veo _____ y _____.

2. En _____ , _____ cocina la comida.

3. _____ y la cama son en _____.

Hint: If you're stuck on #2, think back to the lesson. "Cocinar" is the Spanish word for "to cook." What word did you learn in this lesson that sounds similar? "Comida" is the Spanish word for "food." In what room do you usually find food? What object in that room cooks the food?

Write the Answer in Spanish

Let's try a different type of question! In these, you will answer the question posed in English with the Spanish name for the room, followed by a complete sentence in Spanish. Refer back to the video if you need to!

4. What room can you take a bath in? What else can you see in this room?

5. What room can you do work in? What items do you see in this room?

6. What room do you sleep in? What kinds of items do you see in this room?

And, here's a BONUS question (just answer with the correct vocabulary word in Spanish):

7. What is one specific vocabulary word for a feature that all the rooms in the lesson have in common?


1. la mesita, el sofá, las cortinas, o la lámpara (in any order)

2. la cocina; el horno

3. el despertador, el cuadro, o el espejo (in any order for first blank); el dormitorio

4. El baño. Yo veo el lavabo, el retrete, y la ducha.

5. La oficina. Yo veo el estante, el escritorio, y la silla. (You can also include la pared.)

6. El dormitorio. Yo veo el despertador, la cama, el espejo, y el cuadro.

7. la pared! All of the rooms have walls.

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