Spanish Vocabulary for Learning About Animals

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: April Schmidt

April has a Ph.D. in Spanish and has taught college-level Spanish for 10+ years.

What's your favorite animal? Do you keep any animals as pets? Maybe you remember reading stories where foxes, rabbits, and mice were the main characters. In this lesson, you will be learning the names of some different animals in Spanish.

Vocabulary: Animals

Take a minute and glance around you. Is a dog or cat curled up on the floor? Maybe there's a bird or a squirrel outside the window. If there's a book of fables or folk tales on the bookshelf, chances are many of the characters in the stories are animals. In this lesson, you will be learning vocabulary related to animals and the places they live. Then we'll be taking a look at animals that show up in some well-known fables.

Let's start with some animals that are often found at home. Maybe you keep one of these animals as a pet.

?Tienes un perro o un gato?

?Tienes un pájaro?

?O quizás tienes un pez?

Now take a minute and imagine you're on a farm - en una granja. What animals would you be likely to find here?

En una granja - On a farm:

el pollo - chicken

el gallo - rooster

la cabra - goat

el ganso - goose

el buey - ox

Now take a stroll out of the farmyard and into a nearby field - el prado. ?Qué tipo de animales hay aquí?

En un prado - In a field:

la hormiga - ant

el grillo - cricket

el saltamontes - grasshopper

Near the field, there's a forest - el bosque. ?Qué animales encuentras en el bosque?

En el bosque - In the forest:

el conejo - rabbit

el búho - owl

el zorro - fox

When was the last time you went to the zoo - el zoológico? ?Cuál es tu animal favorito aquí?

En el zoológico - At the zoo:

el elefante - elephant

el león - lion

el mono - monkey

el cocodrilo - crocodile

la serpiente - snake

la tortuga - turtle

And of course, there are animals that live in the ocean - en el mar. ?Ves algunos de estos animales cuando vas a la playa?

En el mar - In the ocean:

el caracol - snail

los peces - fish

la ballena - whale

Animals in Folk Tales and Fables

Animals are often the main characters in folk tales and fables - las fábulas - short stories that teach a lesson.

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