Spanish Vocabulary for Winter Activities

Instructor: Yolanda Reinoso Barzallo

Yolanda holds a CELTA Cambridge, a Juris Doctorate, and a Master of Public Administration. She is a published author of fiction in Spanish.

This lesson contains a vocabulary list for winter activities and includes both verbs and some prompts to form sentences. With both lists, you can put the vocabulary in context in order to use it in a practical manner.

Winter Fun

Winter can be fun because of the special activities one can do, specially in places where it snows. The following list contains, mainly, snowy winter activities, but also has a couple for places where it does not snow.

The first two words you can learn are:

  • el invierno (the winter, pronounced: el een-vee-ehr-noh)
  • la nieve (la nee-eh-veh)

Fun Activities

Now, let's learn how to say those fun activities you can do during the winter:

  • esquiar (to ski, pronounced: es-kee-ar)

  • jugar a la guerra de bolas de nieve (to have a snowball fight, pronounced: hoo-gar ah la gueh-rrah de boh-las de nee-eh-veh). Note, the 'gue' syllable in guerra sounds like the 'gue' in the English word 'guess'.

  • hacer un muñeco de nieve (to make a snowman, pronounced: ah-sehr oon moo-nyeh-koh de nee-eh-veh)

  • patinar sobre hielo (ice skating, pronounced: pah-tee-nar soh-bre yee-eh-loh)

  • ir en trineo (to go sledding, pronounced: eer ehn tree-neh-oh)

  • hacer ángeles en la nieve (to make angels in the snow, pronounced: ah-ser aan-heh-lehs ehn la nee-eh-veh)

  • acampar en la nieve (to camp in the snow, pronounced: ah-cam-par en la nee-eh-veh)

  • tomar chocolate caliente (to drink hot cocoa, pronounced: toh-mar cho-koh-lah-teh kah-lee-ehn-teh)

  • tejer una bufanda o unos guantes (to knit a scarf or gloves, pronounced: teh-her oo-nah boo-fun-dah oh oo-nos goo-an-tehs)

  • cortar papel en forma de copos de nieve (to cut out paper as snowflakes, pronounced: kor-taar paa-pel en fohr-mah de koh-pos de nee-eh-veh)

  • tomar fotos del paisaje invernal (to take pictures of the winter landscape, pronounced: toh-mar foh-tos del pah-ee-sah-heh een-ver-nal)

Make it a Sentence

To practice the new vocabulary you just learned, you can say aloud some sentences. You can use the following prompts followed by any of the vocabulary you just learned:

En invierno, me gusta... (During winter, I like... pronounced: en een-vee-ehr-noh meh goos-tah)

El invierno es ideal para... (The winter is ideal to... pronounced: el een-vee-ehr-noh es ee-deh-al pah-rah)

En invierno yo puedo... (During winter, I can... pronounced: en een-vee-ehr-noh yoh poo-eh-doh)

El próximo invierno, yo voy a... (The next winter, I am going to... pronounced: el proks-ee-moh een-vee-ehr-noh, yoh boy ah)

En invierno, yo no quiero... Yo prefiero... (During winter, I don't want to... I prefer..., pronounced: en een-vee-ehr-noh yoh noh kee-eh-ro... preh-fee-eh-ro)

Thus, you would have sentences such as the following:

En invierno, me gusta tomar fotos del paisaje invernal. (During winter, I like to make pictures of the winter landscape)

El invierno es ideal para tomar chocolate caliente. (The winter is ideal to drink hot cocoa)

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