Spanish Vocabulary: Travel-Related Terms

Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Lisa Warren
When it comes to traveling to primarily Spanish-speaking countries, it can be important to know travel terms in Spanish. Learn Spanish vocabulary regarding modes of transportation, travel in nature, and sightseeing locations. Updated: 09/27/2021

Travel and Sightseeing

¡Hola! This video is going to introduce you to some helpful vocabulary you might use when discussing travel or vacations. You will learn words for modes of transportation and places you might visit while sightseeing. ¡Vamos de vacaciones!

Modes of Transportation

First, let's talk about how you might get to your travel destination. Depending on where you're going, you might choose from a variety of ways to get there! First, you might decide to go by car, el coche. Or, you might decide to take a train, el tren. If you're going on a cruise, you would be traveling by boat, el barco. Finally, if you have far to go, you might travel in an airplane, el avión. Let's hear those words one more time:

  • el coche
  • el tren
  • el barco
  • el avión

Travel in Nature

When traveling, lots of people enjoy spending time in nature. There are several places you might go in order to do that. First, you might go to a lake, el lago. Many people enjoy going to the ocean, el océano. Or, instead, you might go to the mountains, las montañas. No matter where you choose to go, you might want to take some time to take in a little sun, or tomar el sol, which literally means 'to take the sun.' Let's review those words one more time:

  • el lago
  • el océano
  • las montañas
  • tomar el sol

Sightseeing Locations

While on vacation, you might want to do some sightseeing. There are plenty of places you might go, depending on where you are. Here are some common sightseeing locations.

First, many hotels double as interesting sights to see. So, you might book a room in el hotel or, you might simply go to visit one, if it were something special. If the weather is fine, and you like the excitement of rides, you might be interested in visiting an amusement park, el parque de diversiones.

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