Spelling Games for 4th Grade

Instructor: David Wood

David has taught Honors Physics, AP Physics, IB Physics and general science courses. He has a Masters in Education, and a Bachelors in Physics.

Spelling is a pretty important skill for fourth-graders to learn, and it takes some time to achieve. Speed things along by playing a few of these fourth-grade spelling games.

4th Grade Spelling Games

Spelling is important. It's the difference between wearing a pair of jeans and studying human genes. It's the difference between learning to write and being right. And fourth-graders need all the practice they can get. So check out a few of these ideas for fourth-grade spelling games, which will not only give them extra practice but also help them have fun at the same time.

Round Robin Spelling

Spelling games are often solitary challenges, where one student is put on the spot and asked to spell an entire word. This game turns that on its head and adds a little variety. Start by getting students into a circle. Depending on the size of your class, you can split them into groups and have multiple circles, or you can have one large circle.

First, read out a word that students need to know how to spell. One student says the first letter of that word, the student seated to the left says the second letter, and so on. This continues until the entire word is spelled, at which point you provide the next word, and students continue around the circle. If a student pauses for longer than five seconds or misspells the word, then that student is out of the round and has to sit down. This continues until there is only one student remaining, and that student is then declared the winner.

Group Spelling Bee

For this game, put students into groups. The first task is to come up with a series of words to spell that meet certain criteria. For example, you could limit students to words that they know or have them come up with words of a certain length, for instance between four and nine letters long. Give them a dictionary to help them find words.

When they're ready, sets of two groups must face off against each other. One group asks the other group to spell one of the words they selected. The other group then selects someone from their group to attempt to spell it. If the student gets it right, that team gets a point. This process alternates between groups, each group attempting to get as many points as they can.

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