Spring Art Project Ideas

Instructor: Bethany Calderwood

Bethany has taught special education in grades PK-5 and has a master's degree in special education.

After a long winter, the idea of spring is exciting. These art project ideas embrace the spirit of spring while challenging students' creativity. These ideas can be adjusted to accommodate elementary and middle school classes.

Spring Art

Spring is a beautiful time, when nature shifts from the whites, browns, and grays of winter to explosions of color as new growth begins. Many artists over the years have been inspired by spring's changes and colors to create works of art. Your students can join that trend by creating spring-inspired projects while researching and trying different artistic techniques.

Project: Pressed Flower Projects

Objective: Identify plants and use them to make art projects.

Materials: Resources on flower pressing, resources on plant identification, local plants, materials for pressing plants

  • Students read articles on different methods used to press flowers (book pressing, wooden flower press, microwave pressing, etc.).
  • Students choose two methods to try.
  • Go for a nature walk near your school.
  • Students collect a variety of flowers and small plants (clover, ferns, etc.) to use for their flower pressing projects.
  • Students work with others in the class who have chosen the same method and press their flowers.
  • While they wait for their flowers to be ready for crafting, students look through different ideas for uses of pressed flowers and plan their art project. Ideas include:
    • framed picture
    • journal cover
    • coasters
    • greeting cards
  • When the flowers are ready, students use them to create their piece of art.
  • With their final piece of art, students write a process explanation. The explanation should include:
    • an explanation of their two pressing processes
    • a comparison of the two processes - benefits and disadvantages of each
    • identification of each type of plant the student used in their project
    • explanation of the process and materials they used to create their piece of art from the pressed flowers

Project: Spring Collage

Objective: Create a collage representing spring changes.

Materials: Reference materials on seasonal changes, collage materials

  • Students read reference materials on the reasons for seasonal changes and the way their environment changes in the spring.
  • Students choose an element of spring as the focus of their collage project. Ideas include plant growth, proximity of the earth to the sun, the nesting habits of birds, bees and pollination, etc.
  • Students create a collage using diverse materials (magazine cuttings, fabric, paper, paint, etc.) using their chosen theme.
  • The finished collage should include:
    • An obvious focal element related to spring changes (i.e. plant growth)
    • At least three different types of materials used in the collage (i.e. dried flowers, pictures from magazines, and fabric)
    • An explanation of what the collage represents and how the materials are related to the theme (i.e. the seeds are made from flower scraps, sprouts and buds are made from colored fabric scraps, and pressed flowers represent the final flower)
    • A brief explanation of the scientific information (i.e. description of the life cycle of a plant)

Project: Spring Painting Styles

Objective: Research a major painting style and create a spring painting in that style.

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