Staff Advocacy Score: Definition & Measurement

Instructor: Beth Hendricks

Beth holds a master's degree in integrated marketing communications, and has worked in journalism and marketing throughout her career.

Which of your employees are singing your praises to their friends and family? You can find out with a staff advocacy score. In this lesson, you'll learn more about this metric, how it's calculated, and how it can be used.

Are Your Employees Advocates?

Joy works in the marketing department for a popular chain of toy stores. She sent an email to a few of her friends in other departments, asking them to share her social media post about an open job. A few of them help out, and as Joy is scrolling through her newsfeed, she notices several other co-workers who've shared the post all on their own. Where did these people come from?

One of the greatest assets at a company's disposal are employees who advocate freely for their employer. And, as you can probably imagine, most of the employees who choose to do so are employees who are happy in their jobs and engaged in the business. Now, identifying these employees is possible thanks to a key performance indicator known as a staff advocacy score.

Defining Staff Advocacy Score

A staff advocacy score, which may be reminiscent of the concept of an employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS), is simply a way of measuring which employees in a business are key advocates. Advocating means that you throw your support behind something or recommend it to others.

Business owners, management, and even marketing personnel would all like to harness the power of employee advocates. To do so, they must first identify who these workers are. Asking a single question of employees will help a business figure this out pretty quickly: ''How likely are you to recommend us as an employer to the people you know?'' How employees answer this question will help determine where they rank on the advocacy scale, and this can be tracked as a business performance metric.

If it sounds familiar to a customer service survey that you issue asking customers whether they'd recommend you to friends and family, there's good reason for that. In many ways, this question treats employees as internal customers of their own organization.

How to Calculate

So, how do you calculate a staff advocacy score based on a simple statement? That's where the Likert scale comes into play. Likert uses a numeric scale to assign values to employees' attitudes about the question being asked. For example, if you ask how likely they'd be to recommend the business as an employer, the employee might be able to choose anywhere from a one to a five (with five being ''highly recommend'').

Once the results are collected, management can look at how each employee scored the business and categorize them as advocates or detractors. They can also calculate an average to take the overall temperature of their organization.

The actual calculation of a staff advocacy score looks like this:

Percentage of advocates - Percentage of detractors = Staff advocacy score

The Role of the Advocacy Score

Just like customer satisfaction is critical to your brand, the staff advocacy score is vital to understanding how your employees feel about working for you. The power of employee advocates cannot be understated: they are highly influential in how you are perceived and whether you're able to attract and retain the best talent out there.

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