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Standard & Special Conditions of Probation

Instructor: Janell Blanco

Janell has an MBA, a Master's in Education, and a BS in Public Safety Management.

This lesson will discuss probation. We will define probation and discuss standard probation and probation with special conditions. There will be a quiz at the end of the lesson.

Probation Defined

Probation is an alternative option to being incarcerated for an individual convicted of a crime. The judge in criminal cases has the ability to sentence the offender to probation. Probation is when an offender is not incarcerated but they are still supervised during their release. There are two types of regulations that apply to probation:

  • Standard conditions
  • Special conditions

One thing to make note of is that the standard and special conditions can be applied on an individual basis and they may vary between the states. In this lesson, we will explore the majority of the standard and special conditions that the states use for individuals that are on probation.

Additionally, another misconception is that parole and probation are the same. Parole is when an offender is released from a state prison with parole conditions. Parole is for offenders who commit felonies. Probation is when an offender is released from a county jail with probation conditions. Probation is for offenders who have committed misdemeanor offenses.

Standard Conditions of Probation

As mentioned, there are some conditions of probation that are fairly standard and will apply in most cases. These include that the offender will:

  • Avoid committing a crime of any type while on probation.
  • Not travel outside of the jurisdictional area without prior consent of the court.
  • Support their children and fulfill family responsibilities.
  • Report to their probation officer as requested.
  • Not have drugs, drug paraphernalia, or illegal substances in their possession.
  • Avoid interacting with other criminals.
  • Not frequent homes with known drug activity or go to public establishments that are known for drug activity or that serve alcohol.
  • Allow the probation officer access to their home and surrender any illegal substances to the probation officer or police officer when requested.

Special Conditions of Probation

Special conditions of probation can include that the offender will:

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