Staying Active in Teacher Organizations for Business Education

Instructor: Lucinda Stanley

Lucinda has taught business and information technology and has a PhD in Education.

In this lesson, you will learn some of the advantages for being active in organizations for business instructors and be introduced to some of the most common national, state, and technology organizations.

Staying Active in Teacher Organizations for Business Instructors

As a business education instructor do you often feel that you are all alone? Are you the only or one of only a handful of business instructors in your institution? What can you do to alleviate that feeling of being on your own?

You can join organizations that are dedicated to providing business instructors with current research on problems and issues that are specific to them. There are a variety of international, national, and state organizations. Many of them have online forums as well as yearly conventions that are open to business instructors.

Advantages to Being a Member

The advantages of being active in business instructor organizations include:

  • Networking: Being involved in an organization specific to business instructors will give you an opportunity to meet similarly minded professionals who may be able to help you or who you may be able to help.
  • Educational opportunities: Many organizations have seminars, conferences, or conventions that allow you to explore educational opportunities that you may not have access to through your own board of education.
  • Access to mentors and mentoring: If you are just starting out as a business instructor, you can benefit from having a one on one relationship with someone who has been there already. Also, by sharing your own experiences with newer business education instructors, you can help a fledgling business program to be successful.
  • Forums on how to improve business programs: We all want our business programs to flourish, but we may not be able to come up with innovative ways to make that happen. Joining a business education organization can introduce you to things that others are doing in their business programs that might work for you.
  • Personal and professional growth: In the end, we all want to grow personally and professionally, joining business education organizations can help us realize that goal by providing opportunities to explore new ideas and thoughts to help us enhance instruction for business education students.

National Organizations

Here are a couple national organizations that you might consider joining:

  • NBEA - The National Business Education Association is an association of business instructors that provides current information on business education that will help you prepare your students for the workforce. The NBEA publishes the Business Education Forum Journal.
  • ARBE - The Association for Research in Business Education is a graduate honorary society that promotes research and leadership for the advancement of business education. Formerly known as Delta Pi Epsilon (DPE), it publishes newsletters as well as two journals: The Journal for Research in Business Education and Journal of Applied Research for Business Instruction (JARBI).

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