Steps in Implementing Differentiated Instruction

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Sharon Linde
Successful teachers make sure all students' needs are being met. How can teachers differentiate? This lesson outlines the four major steps teachers can take to implement differentiation in their classroom and gives examples of each.

What Is Differentiation?

Paula is a perfectionist. She began teaching long ago and works hard to keep up on the best practices in her profession. Lately, she noticed the teachers on her floor are using a method called differentiation. What is it, and is it a valid model?

In education, differentiation is using varying instructional methods and practices to meet all students' needs. Teachers using differentiation in their classroom continually observe and assess their students and align their teaching to make sure students are being met on their level and making progress towards an objective. This way, students are able to master skills in a building-block way, layering success on success. How can Paula do this? Let's see.

Implementing Differentiated Learning

The good news is Paula isn't too far behind the curve. She already uses forms of differentiation in her room, like small group instruction and assessments. To get her classroom and practice ready for full-fledged differentiation though, she'll need to do these four things:

Step 1: Prepare the Classroom

Before students even walk in the door, Paula needs to get her learning environment ready to support differentiation. Paula's classroom is arranged in neat rows, with her desk at the front of the room. To prepare for meeting with small groups, using collaborative group work, and hosting independent conferences, Paula needs to make a few changes.

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