Sterile Water for Injection

Instructor: Adrianne Baron

Adrianne has a master's degree in cancer biology and has taught high school and college biology.

We are going to go over what sterile water is and why it is important. The uses for sterile water and how it is dispensed will also be covered in this lesson.


When it's summertime, you love to get in it to cool off and have fun. Cruise ships cruise on it. You may use it to make warm tea or apple cider in the winter. You even drink it straight - not mixed with anything. What am I talking about? Water, of course!

The water we swim in is different from the water we put into our bodies
Picture of a wavepool at a waterpark

There are so many ways that we use and consume water. We think about the cleanliness of the water when we are swimming and bathing in it, and we think about the purity of the water when we are drinking it. Even more thought is needed when you are going to inject water directly into your body, especially if it is going into your bloodstream.

Sterile Water for Injection

Sterile water is water that we use to inject into our bodies. It is water that doesn't contain any microorganisms, which are tiny living organisms. In other words, the water is free of things like bacteria, fungi, and protozoa. This is important when it is being injected into the body because microorganisms are the causes of diseases and illnesses in our bodies. The last thing we want to do is inject something that will harm us!

Sterile water is dispensed in one dose vials if it is being used to mix medications for a single injection into the body. It is also dispensed in small, sterile bags for IV injected medicines. Larger sterile bags of sterile water are also used for IV drips. The vial, bag or bottle of sterile water can only be opened and used one time. Once it is opened, it is no longer considered to be sterile since microorganisms that live in the air or on surfaces can get in.

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