Stock Market Activities for Elementary Students

Instructor: Tammy Galloway

Tammy teaches business courses at the post-secondary and secondary level and has a master's of business administration in finance.

It's important for students to learn about the different types of investments early. In these activities, your students will learn about the stock market by defining relevant vocabulary, analyzing market scenarios and completing a stock simulation.

Stock Market Activities for Elementary Students

Investing can be profitable and risky. Learning about the stock market can be a challenge for adults let alone kids. The following activities simplify the process and will help your students answer questions, such as when to buy?, should I sell?, who can help me? or how much money did I make? Your students will have fun and might be able to teach their families a little about the stock market afterward.

Stock Market Crossword Puzzle

Students will gain a better understanding of the stock market as they define relevant vocabulary words in this activity.


  • Free online crossword puzzle maker


  • Prior to the class, you will need to access the online crossword puzzle maker, and input the following definitions and vocabulary words:
    • a licensed person who helps people buy shares (stockbroker)
    • a person who buys stock in a company (shareholder)
    • the highest price in a year (high)
    • the lowest price in a year (low)
    • when the current price is more than the purchase price (profit)
    • when the current price is less than the purchase price (loss)
    • three to four letter grouping that represents the stock's name (ticker symbol)
    • the chance you might make money or lose money (risk)
    • the number of stocks bought and sold in a day (volume)
    • the physical or virtual place where stocks are traded (exchange)
  • After inputting the definitions, you need to print a class set, and then write the vocabulary words on the board.
  • When class begins, pair students, distribute a crossword puzzle to each and ask them to complete it.
  • Then review the answers afterwards.

Animals in the Stock Market

Explain to students that animals figuratively exist in the stock market. The two main animals are a bear and a bull. A bull market occurs when prices rise, and a bear market occurs when the prices decrease. In the activity below, your students will create and analyze market scenarios, and then they will decide if the market is bearish or bullish.


  • Bull and bear coloring pages for each student
  • Black and brown crayons
  • Glue sticks
  • Long popsicle sticks
  • Scissors
  • Index cards
  • Container


  • Distribute the following to each student:
    • bull and bear coloring pages
    • black and brown crayons
    • glue stick
    • two popsicle sticks
    • scissors
  • Then explain the following:
    • color each bull and bear black and/or brown
    • cut out each animal
    • paste each animal on a popsicle stick
  • Now, tell your students you are going to read a market scenario. Afterwards, they are going to hold up which animal is represented:
    • My brother bought stock in a donut company and made a lot of money.
    • I overheard a news reporter say lots of people have lost their jobs this year, and stock prices are going down.
    • My dad's stockbroker told him that stock prices have fallen a lot, and the time to buy stock is now.
    • The technology industry stock is decreasing in almost every market in the United States and around the world.
    • All the people who have invested money in stocks are happy because prices are increasing.
  • Afterwards, you can shoulder pair students, give each an index card and ask them to write a bearish or bullish statement about the stock market.
  • Place the cards in a container, and then read each one out loud, and ask students to identify the type of market by raising their animal stick.

Let's Play the Stock Market Game!

Students will gain real life experience when they choose a stock, analyze the price and calculate their profit or loss.


  • Computer with internet connectivity
  • Projector (optional)
  • Poster boards
  • Markers
  • Certificate paper

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