Stone Age Facts: Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Claire DeSaussure

Claire has worked in behavioral programs at the Elementary Level and has an MLS with a focus on Creative Writing.

The Stone Age was about 700,000 years ago. The Stone Age is a time in which some of the first humans began to use tools. It is called the Stone Age, because that is what the tools were made of.

So Long Ago

It's almost impossible to imagine how long ago 700,000 years was. If your brain is anything like mine, you probably won't be able to remember what you had for a dinner a week ago! That's why archaeologists, scientists who learn about ancient people from the objects they left behind, name historic times based on what humans were doing. It's easier to think about time by what humans were doing on the earth rather than remember the time frame.

Early Humans

Stone Age people were hunter-gatherers. They did not grow food as we do today, or raise animals. They were nomads. This means that the people did not have a permanent town. They gathered berries and killed animals as they moved around. If the berries were all eaten, they moved to another place. If the herds of deer moved away, they moved with them.

You've probably heard the term cavemen to refer to Stone Age people. They might sometimes have lived in caves if they found one as they traveled, but archaeologists know they had different homes. Because they moved around so much, Stone Age people probably made homes from animal skins held up by wooden poles - similar to a tent you might camp in. This meant they could have somewhere dry to sleep wherever they went.

The Kind of Hut That Stone Age People Might Have Built
Primitive Hut

The Tools

When we think about using a hammer, it seems so simple. But, Stone Age people were just learning that using objects could make life easier. One of the first things they did was use a rock to shape another rock into something sharp. Sharp things were important because they needed to hunt animals and clean the hides or skins for clothing.

This Simple Rock is a Stone Age Tool
Stone Age Tool

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