Story Sequencing: Activities & Games

Instructor: Barbara Fehr

Barbara has taught English and history and has a master's degree in special education.

This lesson on story sequencing provides games and activities to be used when teaching students how to put a story in the correct order. Learn how to provide your students with activities to help them retain this reading skill.

Story Sequencing: Where to Start

By definition, story sequencing is when students identify the components of a story by putting them in order and/or retelling the events in sequence. It is one of the many skills that contributes to reading comprehension.

When introducing your students to story sequencing, it is best to first provide them instruction on transition words. Transition words are used when a writer moves from one event to another. For example: first, then, next, and last. I like to start with a class discussion about these words and have students come up with other examples they may see when they read or write.

As you have your students complete activities and games, remember that each student is different. They read at different levels and are interested in different things. Choose texts that are not only appropriate for their reading levels, but interests as well. When completing independent activities, students can use different passages that are appropriate for their own individual learning needs. Now let's check out some fun games and activities that you can incorporate into your classroom.

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