Strategies for Increasing Student Writing Proficiency

Instructor: Derek Hughes
Writing is an important skill for all students to develop. This lesson will detail several strategies, examples, and activities you can use to increase student writing proficiency and build on their skills.

What is Writing Proficiency

For many people, writing is an incredibly important aspect of communication. There are many reasons we write- to persuade, to entertain, to keep in touch with others. Therefore, helping students increase their writing proficiency, or ability to communicate through written word, is a key aspect of education.

There are several strategies and activities teachers and parents can use to help students increase writing proficiency. These include using mentor texts, direct instruction of different forms of writing and giving ample time and opportunity to practice writing. This lesson will explain each of these strategies and provide examples of their implementation.

Mentor Texts

Think about some of the ways you get ideas for things you write. We are constantly drawing inspiration from other areas of our lives when we produce a written document. Students can learn to improve their writing in much the same way. Students can learn to write and improve their writing through the use of mentor texts. These are texts that teachers or other adults can use to demonstrate different kinds of writing to students.

For example, if you wanted to help a student improve their persuasive writing, you would select a book about someone trying to persuade another character of something. Before reading the mentor text, you should explain to the student or students that the purpose of listening or reading the text is to get ideas about how to become a better persuasive writer.

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