Strategies for International Consumer Relations

Instructor: LeRon Haire
In this lesson, you will learn about the different strategies and methods that can be undertaken in an effort to create, or enhance, consumer relations in a global market.


Global Consumer Relations

Consumer relations are an extremely important part of organizations based here in the U.S. However, did you know that many of the most successful U.S. based organizations have developed consumer relations internationally? Nike and Coca-Cola are prime examples of such relations.

The question that many organizations would like to know is just how can their respective businesses gain the same type of attention internationally. Let's take a look at some of the strategies which can be implemented for international consumer relations.


Learn the Culture

Do you remember your first day of school, or perhaps first day at a new job? There were several things that you needed to learn such as the location of the cafeteria or break room and what things your teacher or boss like and dislike. These things helped shape the culture of your school or job.

The same can be said for organizations that are attempting to establish consumer relations in an international market. Executives and administrators that are aiming to establish that positive relationship in an international market must first take steps to learn things which are native to that particular country, starting with the local culture.

For example, if you were applying for a new job and were granted an interview, would you proceed to the interview without first reviewing information about the company (and in essence their culture)? As a parallel, establishing consumer relations in an international market requires reviewing and even becoming a part of the local culture.

This is often done through the use of expatriates, which are people that are residing outside of their home or native country. The use of expatriates helps to get a better understanding of a country's culture, which in turn helps the organization improve on its consumer relations in that international market.


Learn the Language (also known as the Multilingual Approach)

Just as important as learning the landscape of a foreign country, in an effort to increase consumer relations, is learning the language. As obvious as this may sound, this is often a step that many organizations choose to overlook. The most blatant question is how can you understand how to communicate if you are unable to translate exactly what is being said.

Consumer relations is the process or set of activities designed to establish and maintain a positive relationship between businesses and the public. In other words, consumer relations has everything to do with communication. The language of a particular culture must be learned before any type of communication can begin. The learning of the language also includes understanding the details such as verb tenses and pronunciations of different letter combinations (such as two L's together in many languages making the Y sound).


Learn the Political Scope

Most, if not all countries, have some sort of government structure in place that enforces the laws of the land. It's imperative that organizations that are seeking to establish consumer relations in an international market learn to adapt to the political atmosphere that surrounds the country. Depending on the type of government and discipline that is in place, this could often make for a risky proposition.

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