Strategies for Motivating Customer Service Teams

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  • 1:39 Rewards & Awards
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Colette Rominger

Colette has taught many business and management courses and has a Masters in Adult Education and Training as well as an MBA

This lesson will discuss the importance of inspiring and motivating customer service teams in addition to identifying some creative examples for doing so without breaking the bank.

Happy Employees

There is something to be said for the expression 'happy employees are the best employees.' Obviously, it is impossible to ensure that our employees are happy in all aspects of their lives, but we can help them become more content and productive in the workplace by providing them with a few simple things. These may differ from one employee to the next and may also evolve over time and under various circumstances, but an effective leader will be receptive and flexible and should be able to identify motivators for his or her team members.

The first thing a manager can do is to hire the right person for the job from the beginning. When unqualified or unskilled employees are hired in haste, we ultimately set them up to fail. Employees should be hired knowing that they will fit in with the team and with proper training will be able to successfully perform the job. Promoting teamwork and friendly competition within the group will help keep employees working towards the goals of the company. Happy employees means happy customers.

Tools and Training

The world of customer service can become a fairly stressful situation. Standards and measures are always changing, and it can become overwhelming. Proper training can alleviate much of the stress that comes along with this constantly evolving environment. When proper training is provided, employees feel more confident when performing their jobs, and therefore, the stress of 'not knowing' is reduced. Employees should also receive every available tool and resource available to them in order to become successful. When barriers are removed, employees feel empowered to complete the job at hand.

Rewards and Awards

As managers, we are always seeking ways to keep our employees motivated without breaking the bank. Most companies simply do not have enough money in the budget for cash incentives and grand expressions of gratitude. As much as we would love to give John holiday bonuses, a cruise for his family, or a week off with pay, it simply isn't feasible. Sometimes the smallest gesture yields the largest return.

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