Strategies for Teaching ELL Science

Instructor: Jacob Compton

Jacob has taught ESL in three Asian countries and has a master's degree in education.

In this lesson, you will learn some tips and advice for teaching science to ELL learners, including those related to vocabulary, experiments, videos and reading assignments that'll help you make sure that your students know what you are talking about!

ELL Science

When teaching science to English Language Learners (ELL), try not to approach the class as two different subjects. Instead, try and think of yourself as teaching one subject, science. You just have to spend a little more time explaining the terms and definitions. Try and use different methods when going over the material with your students - not just reading activities - but also experiments and maybe visual aids as well. Remember, while your students may be new to English, they may not be new to science.

Classroom Strategies

In an ELL science class, try and keep your lessons as similar as possible to one another in format, which can help to establish a classroom routine. You can even hand out a lesson format on the first day of class; send it home with younger learners, who may have someone at home who can go over it with them. The lesson format might include a warm up, a review of the previous lesson, new vocabulary and material, and an experiment. Summarize the lesson for your students while handing out homework.

Warm ups, which can help to engage your students in the lesson, might include a vocabulary quiz based on the last lesson, a game, or even a discussion about a news-related science topic. During the review, ask your students questions about what your class went over in the last lesson.

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