Strategies for the BULATS Business English Presentation Task

Instructor: Matthew Hamel

Matt has degrees in Journalism and Business and has taught a variety of courses at high schools and universities around the world.

One of the best ways to be successful on the BULATS is to be well-prepared. In this lesson, you will be provided with the requirements and strategies for the BULATS English presentation task.

BULATS Presentation Basics

Are you preparing to take the Business Language Testing Service (BULATS) speaking test? While you may be concerned about the presentation task, if you use specific strategies, you are more likely to be successful. For this portion of the test, you will be given a work-related topic. You will have 40 seconds to read it and consider how you will answer. When the 40 seconds are over, you will need to speak about the topic for 1 minute.

The topic that is displayed on the screen will look similar to the following:

  • Talk about the best manager you ever had. You should say:
    • When you worked for this manager
    • Why you liked this manager
    • How this manager affected your work

This is all the information you will receive. As in the example, each presentation topic will be followed by three talking points.

Presentation Speaking Strategies

The way in which you approach the presentation task can have a big impact on your score. The first thing to remember is that you must clearly address all of the talking points that follow the presentation topic. However, the amount of time you spend talking about each one will be different. For example, the first talking point may only take a few seconds to respond to, which will leave you more time to address the other two points.

In addition to responding to each talking point, you must also provide complete answers for each. Notice how details, examples and timing are used in the following model response.

  • Talk about the best manager you ever had. You should say:
    • When you worked for this manager
      • The best manager I ever had was named Mrs. Hauser. This was when I worked for ABC Tech in New York a few years ago. (7-10 seconds)
    • Why you liked this manager
      • There are several reasons why I liked Mrs. Hauser. First of all, she was very friendly and easy to talk to. Also, she was very good at keeping employees motivated. Whenever people were having problems, she would talk to them to figure out a solution. I think she was a good manager because she cared about her employees on a personal level. (20-25 seconds)
    • How this manager affected your work
      • Mrs. Hauser definitely made me a better worker. She taught me how to stay organized even when there were many things happening. She also helped me to believe in my own abilities and to be confident at work. Even today I'm very grateful for her advice and influence. (20-25 seconds)

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