Strategy Deployment: Definition & Process

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Natalie Boyd

Natalie is a teacher and holds an MA in English Education and is in progress on her PhD in psychology.

Most companies have a strategic vision, but how can a company make sure that it is moving in sync with that vision? In this lesson, we'll examine strategy deployment and how it can help companies align their vision with their day-to-day decisions.

Company Vision

Kate owns a nail salon that is focused on giving their customers a healthy, relaxing experience. She knows what she wants her customers to experience when they come in to the salon: she wants them to relax, let go of their stress, and leave with a little more beauty in their lives than they did before, all while using products and services that are healthy for her customers and for the earth.

Like Kate's salon, many companies have a company vision, or ideals and goals that guide the company's direction. Kate's vision is to have customers relax, have beautiful nails, and to provide those things in a healthy way.

But how can Kate make sure that the decisions that she makes for her company align with her company's vision? One way to ensure that a company continues to focus on the company vision is through strategy deployment. Let's look at what it is and how Kate can implement it in her business.

Strategy Deployment

Kate has a vision for her company, but how can she make sure her company follows through on that vision? Strategy deployment is a process that involves having the company vision tied to business decisions. Whether Kate is making a decision or one of her employees is making or carrying out a decision, everything should be aligned with the company vision.

To better understand strategy deployment, let's look at how Kate can make decisions based on her company's vision. Remember that it's important to Kate that her clients get a relaxing and healthy experience at the nail salon, and also that they have beautiful nails when they leave.

But there are a lot of decisions that Kate has to make in order to give her clients those things. For example, many salons and other businesses play music that is popular. But popular music is often upbeat, and therefore, might not be the right choice when creating a relaxing atmosphere. So, Kate might choose instrumental music instead.

Likewise, let's say that Kate has a nail technician who cuts her clients cuticles. This is a common practice in many nail salons, but Kate might point out that cutting cuticles can leave that area open to bacteria, so she might forbid it in her salon.

For each decision that needs to be made, Kate (or the person making it) should check whether that decision is in line with the company vision. This makes sure that the strategic vision of the company is carried out.


Kate gets that making decisions based on her company's strategic vision is a good thing. And sometimes, like with the music, that's a simple decision. But, sometimes it can be complicated. For example, many nail polishes have lots of chemicals that could be harmful to her clients. Kate doesn't want to use those, and she's found a brand that is healthier. But, she's not sure if the new brand of nail polish will give her customers as beautiful of a manicure as the harmful ones. How can she make this decision?

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