Stress: Definition and Impact on Overall Health

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  • 2:06 Distress
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Artem Cheprasov
Stress, distress, eustress: just thinking about those terms may make you stress out! Don't worry, this lesson will define them and show plenty of examples of them in a manner that will calm your mind!

Types of Stress

At the end of this lesson, you'll be taking a quiz about the things we're about to go over. That quiz is almost certainly going to cause you a little bit of stress. Hopefully, only a little bit. But some stress may be good for you, while other types of stress might be bad. Let's find out how, why, and what in the world stress is anyways.

Stress is the psychological and physiological response to any real or imagined disruptions, demands, stimulations, or changes in life. Bad stress, stress that occurs as a result of unpleasant events and lowers the quality of life, is known as distress. This is in contrast to eustress, good stress, stress that enhances a person's quality of life. 'Distress is set to Depress, but eUstress can bring yoU sUccess.' You'll find out why in just a bit.

Eustress in Detail

More than likely, you may be a bit skeptical about stress being good since we all constantly hear how it's bad for us, but this isn't always so. For example, eustress can result from:

  • Participating in a ball game you love
  • Anticipating a drop in a roller coaster ride you enjoy
  • Falling in love with someone
  • Having a child
  • Getting married

Basically, eustress comes from participating in or anticipating a pleasurable experience. Eustress can feel exciting and improves our performance and motivation. Starting a new job may be stressful, but eustress can give you a feeling of wanting to succeed, impress, and will motivate you to do better.

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