Student of the Month Nomination Letter: Template & Examples

Instructor: Clio Stearns

Clio has taught education courses at the college level and has a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction.

Many schools choose to reward students' great behavior or academic performance using a Student of the Month Program. This lesson offers some examples of how you might nominate a student for this honor.

What is the Student of the Month

Whether you are having a student of the month in your classroom, on your grade level, or for your whole school, it can be a wonderful way to show children that their efforts are noticed and acknowledged. Usually, the student of the month is someone who has demonstrated leadership skills, particular integrity, or behavioral improvement over the course of that month, and therefore deserves to be publicly celebrated. Sometimes, the student of the month is also someone who is excelling academically.

If your school chooses a student of the month through a nomination process, it might be helpful to start with some ideas of how to get one of your students chosen. The template and examples in this lesson give you a sense of what a student of the month nomination letter ought to include.


This template explains all of the important components of a student of the month nomination letter.

Date and Heading

Like any other letter, you should start with the date and a personalized yet professional greeting.

Introduction of Yourself

Though it might seem silly in the context of a small school, you should open by introducing yourself, saying your role and describing your relationship with the student you are nominating, including how long you have known them.

Name of Student; Purpose of Letter

Then, explain the reason behind your letter and give the first and last name of the student you are nominating. Say what grade and class this student is in.

Reasons for Nominating

The main body of your letter should include two to three reasons you are nominating this specific student. Be as clear and explicit as you can, and use specific evidence to support what you are saying about the student.


Draw a conclusion to your letter, and thank your readers for their time and attention. Then sign off with your name and a way to contact you with questions.


Here are two different examples of nomination letters that follow the guidelines established by that template.

March 29, 2017

Dear Principal Winters:

As the music teacher here at Harrington Elementary, I work with many students each day. I have known Lizzie Madizzie for three years, and I am writing to nominate her for the honor of Student of the Month. Lizzie is in Mr. Dupree's third grade homeroom, and I see her for music class once a week.

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