Student of the Week & Month Ideas

Instructor: Derek Hughes
Awarding student of the week and student of the month can be an excellent positive reinforcement for your students. This lesson will outline several ideas you can use to make sure these awards have an optimal impact on your students.

Student of the Week and Month

Student of the week/month awards have been around in schools for a very long time. In fact, there is a good chance you were awarded one or both of these honors while you were in school. These awards are usually given to students who demonstrate certain qualities or meet classroom expectations consistently. This lesson will detail several ideas for incorporating this system into your own classroom or school.

Student of the Week

Usually, awarding student of the week is left to the classroom teacher instead of the school. Therefore, much of the work for implementing a student of the week system falls on the classroom teacher. This system can be a great way to reward students who are consistently meeting instructional expectations, setting a good example, and displaying good behavior. Therefore, it is worth the extra work you need to do to implement the system.

When creating a student of the week model, it is best to tie certain privileges to the award, making it appealing for every student in the class. For example, the student of the week gets to do a coveted classroom job, such as being the line leader or the teacher's assistant. You may want to observe your students for the first few weeks to determine which jobs seem to be the most popular before deciding which one will go to the student of the week.

Additionally, you may want to create a system in which the student of the week is in the spotlight for the whole week. This can be done by allowing the student to bring in a show and tell every day and give them several minutes each day to talk about their item. All students have things they would love to share with the class, so allowing only the student of the week to do this will make everyone work that much harder to earn the award.

Finally, you can publicize who your student of the week with a poster outside your classroom. There are many different poster templates that the student of the week can decorate. You can also give the poster to the student of the week on a Friday so they can bring it back Monday to hang in the hallway for the new week. This helps attach a sense of pride to the award. Now anyone, who walks by your classroom can see who is being celebrated as a good example.

Student of the Month

In many schools, student of the month is a school-wide award. If you are helping to implement this system, consider whether individual teachers already have a student of the week system in their classrooms. If so, it may be best to have student of the month be a school-wide award.

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