Student & Professional Organizations in Marketing Education

Instructor: Beth Hendricks

Beth holds a master's degree in integrated marketing communications, and has worked in journalism and marketing throughout her career.

A student or professional organization can be a valuable accompaniment to your career path or current job. In this lesson, you'll learn more about the benefits of joining a student or professional organization.

Join the Club

Do you remember joining a club or having a clubhouse as a kid? It might've been a close group of friends or a circle of neighborhood children linking up to share common interests, favorite things, secrets, and advice.

Student and professional organizations connect you with like-minded individuals.
Student and professional organizations connect you with like minded individuals.

In the grown-up world, clubs still exist, though they're more frequently called organizations or associations. They serve multiple purposes within the goal of enhancing your personal and professional development. Let's examine some of the benefits of joining a student or professional organization.

Student and Professional Organizations

Professional organizations are groups formed to 'unite and inform people who work in the same occupation.' There are also student-level organizations for those pursuing a career in a particular field, such as marketing. Many professional organizations also offer a student chapter or student rate that can allow a student of marketing education to seamlessly transition from a collegiate-based organization into a regional or national chapter of the same association.

There are nearly as many student and professional organizations available to new and interested members as there are career options and fields. The benefits of joining such an organization are numerous and varied. Why would you consider joining an organization or association like this? Consider some of the following benefits and opportunities.


Personal development: Being part of a professional organization can also benefit your personal development by helping you stay organized, honing leadership traits, cultivating niche interests inside of your career, improving multitasking, and more.

Better interpersonal skills: Working in a group environment can boost your interpersonal relations including communicating with other professionals, solving problems, and maintaining a positive attitude when faced with adversity.

Team-building: Student and professional organizations are, by nature, group or team based. They are generally small collections of like-minded individuals, and you'll have opportunities to work with even smaller groups in committees, leadership groups, and task forces. An organization may boast 10 to 100 members, while committees and task forces could be as small as two to three people.

Networking opportunities: Professional organizations can provide opportunities to network with other professionals and build friendships that can extend throughout the length of your career. You never know when that marketing organization buddy you made in college will become a high-powered marketing executive in New York City who is in a position to hire you or put in a good word for you about your work ethic and professional abilities.

Practical application: Many student and professional organizations host activities, webinars, community events, and fundraising opportunities where you can put your marketing expertise and class work into practice. These can be great learning opportunities and ways to not only garner praise and constructive criticism, but also to help others in their hands-on learning.

Resume booster: Academic history and job experience aren't the only things employers are looking for on the resume of a well-rounded job applicant. Previous experience in a handful of prominent marketing organizations shows that you are a go-getter and someone who believes in continuous betterment and learning.

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