Study Guide Questions for Fahrenheit 451

Instructor: Jason Lineberger

Jason has 20 years of education experience including 14 years of teaching college literature.

If you're using 'Fahrenheit 451' with your students, here's a study guide with review questions that will help them feel confident about their understanding of the book. This study guide covers plot, setting, characters, and some of the major themes of the novel.

Plot Study Guide

  • How does meeting Clarisse McClellan change Guy Montag's life? Compare her outlook on life with Guy's outlook at this point in the novel.
  • Why does Mildred Montag overdose on sleeping pills?
  • Why are the technicians so adept at dealing with cases like Millie's?
  • How does Mildred act the morning after her overdose?
  • What happens to Clarisse? What is the official story?
  • Who does Mildred Montag call her ''family?''
  • Describe Montag's marriage. How did he meet his wife? What do they do together?
  • Montag is called to an alarm; an old woman has been caught with a stash of forbidden books. What radical choice does this woman make? How does this scene affect Montag?
  • Where does Montag hide his own stash of books?
  • What book does Montag attempt to memorize?
  • Captain Beatty explains the history of censorship to Guy Montag. What is the timeline of events, according to Captain Beatty?
  • Explain the plan Montag and Faber concoct.
  • Faber tells Montag that books aren't the only thing the society has lost. What else has it lost?
  • Montag creates a scene that disturbs his wife and friends. What shocking thing does he do?
  • The firemen are called to Montag's house. Who turned him in?
  • Who burns down Montag's house?
  • How does Captain Beatty die?
  • How does Montag escape the Mechanical Hound?
  • What happens to Montag's city at the end of the novel?

Setting Study Guide

  • Where is this book set?
  • When is the book set?
  • What does the average citizen in Montag's city do for entertainment?
  • Explain the technology level of this time period.
  • What are some of the acts that are considered illegal in this book?
  • Why are there so many televisions?

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