Substitute Teacher Feedback Forms: Template & Example

Instructor: Frank Clint

Frank has been an educator for over 10 years. He has a doctorate degree in education with a concentration in curriculum and instruction.

Never wonder what happened while you were out of your classroom ever again! This substitute teacher feedback form will help you gauge your sub's experience the next time you need to be absent.

Substitute Feedback

How can you find the time to create a substitute teacher feedback form? More importantly, why should you use one at all? Substitute teachers vary in their practices - some may come prepared with their own feedback form; others may leave a handwritten note. In some cases, you may not hear from your substitute at all. But it is very helpful to know how the day went and what specific challenges and successes the sub experienced.

Leaving a feedback form in your substitute teacher packet will encourage your sub to provide feedback about the day. It also shows that you are well prepared, and could increase the chance that the substitute will come back. Consider using the following form in your classroom this school year.

Substitute Teacher Feedback Form Template

I appreciate you taking my class today! I hope you had a great day with my students. Please let me know how your day was using this form. I value any feedback and will follow up on any pending issues. Please be honest in your answers, as they will help me improve my lesson plans and deal with issues and students who may have had problems during the day. My hope is that you will return to my classroom the next time I am absent. Thanks again for everything you did today.

Your name: ________________________________________

Your Contact Info: ________________________________________

Date: ________________________________________

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