Sudan Facts: Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Claire DeSaussure

Claire has worked in behavioral programs at the Elementary Level and has an MLS with a focus on Creative Writing.

Sudan is a country located in northeast Africa. It is a poor country and is known for its violent wars, but it is also the home of natural wonders and the Acacia senegal tree. Let's learn more about Sudan now.

Natural Resources

Don't you just love gummy bears? Those juicy, chewy, little candies are the best, and they're even better when they are sprinkled on top of your favorite ice cream! You probably know that those two treats are loaded with sugar, but you probably don't know that they have another ingredient in common. And Sudan is the world's largest producer of that ingredient.

Sudan's Acacia senegal tree produces a sap (liquid food for its growth), that is known as gum arabic or acacia gum. When it hardens, it is used to make gummy bears chewy and to hold ice cream together when you scoop it.

Gum Arabic or Acacia Gum
Gum Arabic


Sudan is one of the largest countries in Africa and sits on the Red Sea. Sudan is bordered by seven other countries, Egypt, Central African Republic, Chad, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Libya and South Sudan. The capital city of Sudan is Khartoum, and it sits where the Nile River forms.

Map of Sudan
Map of Sudan

Sudan is a dry country and the northern part is home to parts of the Sahara Desert. Some of the ground is rocky, but much is covered with a natural wonder known as a sand sea or ergs. An erg is a type of sand dune that moves. The sand is so loose, that wind moves it easily, and the ergs shift and move around.

Further south in Sudan, there is more rain, and more plants grow, like the Acacia senegal tree, which is where we find that special ingredient (gum arabic, or acacia gum) for gummy bears and ice cream!


Sudan has both Arabic and African cultures, and the land of Sudan has been around since ancient times. In 1898, the British took over Sudan in an effort to control the important water of the Nile River, but in 1956, Sudan became an independent country. Since that time, different groups in Sudan have wanted to be in charge, and this has led to fighting.

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