Suggestive Selling Techniques for Telephone Customer Service

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Savannah Samoszuk

Savannah has over eight years of hotel management experience and has a master's degree in leadership.

Companies are training their employees to incorporate suggestive selling techniques to increase sales and build relationships. This lesson will discuss what suggestive selling is, how it can increase sales, and techniques for suggestive selling when used in customer service.

What Is Suggestive Selling?

The Smiths were finishing their dinner at their usual Friday night restaurant. The server suggested a new dessert when they were finished with their meal, stating that it was his favorite. This is an example of suggestive selling, a sales approach in which the customer is recommended or asked to include an additional item or service. This approach is becoming more popular and can have several benefits. It can be utilized in telephone customer service a well.

Increasing Sales

The suggestive selling approach can increase sales, which is a benefit from its use. Asking or suggesting that a customer add an additional product or service to their order will increase the sales total. Even if only a percentage of customers end up adding additional items, suggestive selling will increase overall sales. For example, Jim calls his cell phone carrier and is inquiring about a new phone. He decides on his new phone, and Jenny the sales person suggests adding insurance and a phone case to his purchase. Jim ends up buying the case, which adds an additional $40 to his total. This shows how suggestive selling can increase sales.

Building Customer Relationships

Suggestive selling can also help to build relationships and earn return business. If suggestive selling is done correctly, it can make the customer feel important and provide an opportunity to create a relationship. For example, if you encounter a sales person that you trust, you will likely return to them for suggestions in the future. Jim was very happy with Jenny's suggestion of the phone case when he received it. This satisfaction will make him trust Jenny's suggestions in the future. This is how suggestive selling can create a relationship with customers.

Suggestive Selling Techniques

It is important to use certain techniques in suggestive selling. Suggestive selling done right can be very beneficial to a company if it is implemented correctly. Here are some techniques for suggestive selling:

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