Summary of The Kitchen Knight by Margaret Hodges: Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Beth Hendricks

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Knights and castles and adventures, oh my! In this lesson, you'll learn more about Sir Gareth's first big adventure in the book 'The Kitchen Knight' by Margaret Hodges.

Good Knight

Can you image what it must have been like to be a knight? A knight was a long-ago warrior who had a horse and armor and served a noble king. What's the first thing you would do if you were a knight for a day? Brush your horse? Have a fancy meal in the castle? What about go on an adventure?

A new knight
knight, kitchen, arthur, hodges, gareth

The knight in this story, The Kitchen Knight, by Margaret Hodges, is a different sort of knight - a ''kitchen'' knight, that is! And, he certainly knows a thing or two about adventures. Let's go on an adventure with him!

Reading The Kitchen Knight

It's springtime in King Arthur's court and he's preparing for a high feast. But, before he can sit down to eat, he likes to hear stories about new adventures. Just then, a stranger approaches his castle. The king is certain this is the type of young man who will have adventure stories to tell, so he invites him to the feast.

The stranger says he has three favors to ask of the king. The first is for food and drink for the next year. At the end of the year, he says, he will ask his two remaining favors. The king agrees, thinking he will ''prove to be a man of great worth.''

Sir Kay, the king's steward (or official), is not so impressed with the stranger, who won't even tell his name. He decides the young man is fit to serve in the kitchen, where he can also eat his fill. The stranger is happy for the assignment.

A Year Passes

A year has gone by and it's nearly time for Arthur's big feast again. As they're preparing, a lady named Linette approaches the king's table. She is in need of a knight to fight off the evil man who kidnapped her sister, Linesse.

The Kitchen Knight, hearing this, asks for his next two favors: to go on this adventure and to be knighted if he wins. The king agrees, but the lady is mad. She doesn't want a lowly kitchen boy to be her champion. As she rides off, the Kitchen Knight follows her, but so does Sir Kay, who tells the stranger to stop. The Kitchen Knight knocks him off his horse and rides on.

Sir Lancelot has observed the whole thing and agrees to make the stranger a knight right away. The stranger, it seems, is Gareth of Orkney, the king's nephew, but is hiding his identity to earn his place the proper way.

Back to Adventure

Now Sir Gareth rides on after Linette, but she is mean to him, telling him he smells like the kitchen and to go away. Sir Gareth tells her he will fight any knight who stands in their way.

As their ride continues, they are greeted by various knights who try to block the travelers' path to get to Linesse. Each time, Sir Gareth is able to earn the victory. Linette finally apologizes for treating him so poorly.

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