Sun, Moon & Earth Activities for Middle School

Instructor: Maria Airth

Maria has a Doctorate of Education and over 15 years of experience teaching psychology and math related courses at the university level.

Motivating middle schoolers to review acquired information can be a challenge. This lesson offers games and activities that will engage your students in reviewing information related to the sun, moon, and Earth.

Playing Games

Have you noticed that middle school aged students seem to struggle with connecting to academics?

Motivating this age group to learn can be difficult. One fantastic way to engage students in the learning process is to play games related to the concepts at hand. This lesson offers games and activities designed to get even your most stubborn middle school aged student engaged in reviewing information on the sun, moon, and Earth.

These activities assume that the concepts have already been covered in class and the activity is being used to reinforce knowledge gained during your lessons.

High Activity

These activities will require students to move around, so plenty of space should be available.

Human Model


  • None


  • Clear a large space in the classroom or conduct the activity outside.


  • Start with a class discussion on the relative sizes of the moon, sun, and Earth. Ask:
    • If we were going to try to represent the moon, sun, and Earth using the students in this class, how many of us should be assigned to the sun? The moon? Earth? (Most students would be grouped under the sun, while the moon should have fewer students than Earth.)
    • What movement do we see in these three celestial bodies?
  • Divide students into three groups to represent the sun, moon, and Earth in approximate relative sizes.
  • Ask each group to act out their parts by using movement.
    • Sun - bubble and move as if an actual ball of flaming gas
    • Earth - orbit around the Sun at a constant distance, spinning at the same time
    • Moon - orbit around the Earth (remember not to spin)
  • Allow students to swap groups so that everyone has a chance to be each item.

One More Fact


  • Beach ball (or bean bag or ball of paper)


  • Large space in which to play

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