Sun Safety Lesson for Kids: Tips & Facts

Instructor: Jennifer Lowery

Jennifer has taught elementary levels K-3 and has master's degrees in elementary education and curriculum/instruction and educational leadership.

Our planet couldn't survive without the sun, but sometimes it can be harmful to us. In this lesson, learn about ways to stay safe in the sun and enjoy the rays!

Powerful Star

Did you know that the sun is a star? Yes it is! The sun is the powerful star at the center of the solar system. This giant ball of fire and gas allows life to exist on our planet! The sun gives us heat and light energy, and who doesn't love a bright sunny day? The sun can also give us some harmful things if we are not protected.

We need protection from two types of sun rays, UVA and UVB. The UV stands for ultraviolet. These rays can cause sunburns, skin cancer, wrinkles, and eye damage. Those things don't sound like a lot of fun! Luckily there are ways we can protect ourselves from these dangerous sun rays.

Sun Protection

One of the best ways you can protect yourself from sun damage is by using sunscreen or sunblock. These products come in the form of lotions or sprays. Be sure to check out the SPF, or sun protection factor. This is a number that tells you how much protection you can get from the sun. The higher the number, the better the protection!

Sunscreen Helps Avoid Sunburns and Skin Damage.
Sun protection

Also look for the words 'broad spectrum.' This means that you get protection from both UVA and UVB rays. When applying sunscreen, make sure that you put it on generously, even on places that might not seem important. Ear lobes, the top of your head, the top and bottom of your feet are all places that sometimes get left out when it comes to sunscreen!

Take Cover!

Sunscreen is a great way to protect yourself from the sun's damaging rays, but covering up is even better. If you are outside for a long period of time, wear clothing that covers areas that can get sunburned easily. Shoulders, arms, and your neck are top targets for sun rays! Also if you are at a beach or a pool, sit under an umbrella. Not only will this protect you from the sun, but the shade will also give you some relief from the heat!

An Umbrella Provides Sun Protection and Cooling Shade
sun umbrella

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